Titanic Museum to Open in Pigeon Forge on April 8

Half-scale museum will house 400 valuable artifacts and personal items found on the ship.

The world’s largest permanent Titanic museum is set to officially open its doors in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on Thursday, April 8.

According to the museum’s official website, www.titanicpigeonforge.com, guests will get to play a part in one of the greatest human dramas of all time as they navigate through 20 rooms holding over 400 valuable artifacts and personal items, an exclusive photo collection and hands-on-activities.

Some of the activities include:

  • Walking an actual size replica of the Grand Staircase

  • Touching the frozen surface of an “iceberg”

  • Sending an SOS signal from the ship’s wireless communications room and receive communication from the coast guard

  • Listening to survivors’ stories as they sit in actual lifeboats

  • Feeling the chill of that fateful “Starry Night”

  • Standing on the mighty ship’s bridge and hear the Captain’s commands

  • Viewing life aboard the ship – see a First Class Stateroom and a Third Class cabin

  • Exploring world-class gallery rooms with rare historical artifacts

  • Controlling a simulated underwater Titanic exploration of your own

Guests will be given a passenger boarding ticket upon entry. These tickets tell the story of an actual Titanic passenger and allow you to follow their story throughout the exhibit. Each artifact has a unique story that relates directly to a crew member or passenger. At the end of your two-hour self-guided tour, you will discover the fate of your ticketed passenger in the memorial room.

Titanic in the Smokies is a permanent three-story, $25 million museum attraction shaped like the Titanic herself. Built half-scale to the original Titanic, the museum towers 100 feet above the parkway and is anchored in water to create the illusion of the Titanic at sea.

A free Titanic Museum preview center is currently open daily at 2134 Parkway in Pigeon Forge.

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    Regina Harrison

  2. please send me 2 brochures so my family will know a bit more of the history and the people that was on the ship i wii like 2 of them if you dont mind thank you so much

  3. I have a double jogging stroller that is too wide to fit through a regular door. I am wondering if I would be able to fit it through everywhere when viewing the ship or if I need to bring the single stroller. Thank you

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