Log Cabin Pancake House

The Log Cabin Pancake House in Pigeon Forge, TN has long been a local favorite for breakfast in the Great Smoky Mountains. Find out why this is the best place to eat breakfast in Pigeon Forge!

Log Cabin Pancake House’s Pigeon Forge location is closed for rebuilding until Spring of 2018.

If you want the best breakfast in Pigeon Forge, then head to the Log Cabin Pancake House at the end of town. If you’re heading toward Gatlinburg, it’s at the very end of the strip on the left. They are open from 7am to 3pm every single day and they serve breakfast the entire time as well as a lunch buffet that is also delicious.

The Log Cabin Pancake House has been a local favorite since it opened in 1973. All of their pancakes are made from scratch with some recipes that you probably won’t find anywhere else. They do not use packaged foods, so everything is fresh with that southern, homemade flavor. The pancakes and breakfast are the heart of the Log Cabin Pancake House that keep people coming back, but the lunch buffet is incredibly good too. They also have homemade dessert (banana pudding, cobbler, etc) that is made fresh every day that is absolutely tasty.

Saturdays and Sundays are obviously the busiest days to come, but you can still get a table. They do their seating the old fashioned way….you form a line. You don’t put your name in if you have to wait on a table. You simply stand in line and they take you in when a table opens up. The wait is never too long, and the food is definitely worth waiting for!

If you want a great meal while experiencing a bit of history in Pigeon Forge, then stop at the Log Cabin Pancake House.

Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin

Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes!

There is a bit of a tradition in the Smokies when it comes to eating breakfast.  At some point while you are here you have to eat at a pancake house.  The first pancake house in the area, the Pancake Pantry, opened in 1960 and people have been enjoying pancakes in the area ever since.  In Pigeon Forge one of the premier pancake houses is Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin.

Located near traffic light number 3 in Pigeon Forge, Flapjack’s is near enough to walk to from most of the hotels in Pigeon Forge and has plenty of parking if you want to drive there.  Be sure to arrive early during season and plan to have a little  bit of a wait to get seated due to the fact that they are always busy and the fact that they close after lunch – yes, you read that correctly, they close after lunch and they only serve breakfast so you can grab a lunch time meal of breakfast goodies that will fill you up for your entire day.

Before we dive into the pancakes, let’s talk about another big item on their menu: their Campfire Skillets.  With their skillets they like to pile breakfast favorites together in a skillet and serve them with a side of pancakes.  The biggest of these skillets is the Walker’s Cabin Skillet.  This meal-in-one skillet has a cathead biscuit, topped with two eggs (cooked to order) and then covered in gravy and cheese.  The meal comes with your choice of bacon or sausage and two buttermilk pancakes.  If you are looking for a meal that will keep you going the whole day there might not be any better way to start.

We came here to talk about pancakes so let’s not waist anymore time.   Flapjacks has some of the best pancakes in the Smokies and their pecan Pancakes are renowned all over the country side.  Here are just a few of the types of pancakes that they offer:  buttermilk, chocolate chip, silver dollar, wild cherry and of course the famous pecan pancakes.  Something that you may want to try is Grandma’s Peanut Butter & Banana Pancakes.  These pancakes have chunks of banana folded into them while they cook and then they are smothered with peanut butter. What you get is an ooey gooey mess of pancakes to top with syrup… now I am hungry.

Make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to eat at a pancake house while you are in the Smokies.  Stop by Flapjack’s while you are in Pigeon Forge.  There are so many pancake houses in the Smoky Mountains that not eating at a pancake house might be against the law.  Fill up on pancakes and start your day out right.

Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin
2734 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN