Smoking Ban in Pigeon Forge TN

A statewide smoking ban in tn starting July 1, 2007 will affect all enclosed public areas, which means restaurants will no longer allow people to smoke inside. Some of the exceptions are:

  • Private Clubs
  • Bars that only allow 21 and over at all times
  • Accomodations (there will still be smoking rooms that you can stay in)
  • Tobacco stores
  • Businesses with less than 3 employees

Another exception is possibly any open-aired patios at restaurants. If you’re a smoker and plan on visiting Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, or any other city in Tennessee then you may want to find restaurants with outdoor seating. If it’s winter time…well, I guess you have to figure out how bad you need a puff!

2 thoughts on “Smoking Ban in Pigeon Forge TN”

  1. After reading about the smoking ban, you stated there would be accomodations for smoking. Have you ever looked for a needle in a haystack? We have friends, wanting to visit this fall from MN and OH. Is there possibly a list of motels that have smoking rooms, as this is what they are wanting. I have tried helping them on the internet and it would take me a week to look at each and every site to see if they have smoking or not. Some indicate it is ALL non-smoking, while others really do not say. There surely has to be a better system or a readily available list. We live in Knoxville and have stayed in several non-smoking states. However, we have been told that all lodging facilities have 10% of their rooms set aside for smoking. Could you possibly help me in any way? I certainly would appreciate any assistance. Sincerely, Sandra Marshall

  2. I am wanting to plan a trip to pigeon forge, and am having the same problem, is there possibly a list of motel/hotels or cabins that allow smoking

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