Musick’s Mountain Theater

If you’re coming to Pigeon Forge to be entertained, there is no shortage of great venues to choose from whether you’re wanting to see a show, a musical, a dinner show, or whatever may be appearing at that time. One place you may want to circle on your visit list is Musick’s Mountain Theater in Pigeon Forge, especially if bluegrass is your thing.

Musick’s Mountain Theater puts on a great show featuring bluegrass, gospel, and old time mountain music performances from some of the area’s most talented musicians.  The theater just opened it doors in November with a grand opening performance by bluegrass legend Dr. Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys. Throughout the rest of December, Nathan Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys performed as the host band at Musick’s to rave reviews.

Expect much of the same for 2013. The theater is scheduled to close for the months of January and February before opening back up in March. The theater will be doing some major marketing for the house show and will open back on March 1 with a show called The Bluegrass Express featuring the band Mountain Glory. There will be special guests scheduled every night.  The list of Artist that will be performing at this theater is very impressive. Check out their web site at for the most up to date schedule.

Musick’s Mountain Theater
140 Showplace Blvd.
Pigeon Forge, TN 37876

The Park’s Natural Beauty

Every year the Great Smoky Mountains National Park releases numbers reflecting the popularity of the park and on average that number seems to rise with each and every passing year. That was the case this past year and leads to one conclusion: The park’s natural beauty is awe-inspiring and draws people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Even during the holidays and the cold weather months people are drawn to the park. So why even put it to a question? Well, the natural beauty is the park’s primary factor for bringing in so many tourists, there are other factors as well. And though it’s an overwhelming factor, it isn’t the only factor.

Besides citing the park’s beauty, people consistently praise the locals, exclaiming how nice people are who live in the Smoky Mountain region which includes the towns of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville.

Many vacationers who come to the area will go so far as to take one of the many guided tours offered of the park, before going of on their own. Tours like the Roaring Fork Auto Tour and the numerous ones offered through Cades Cove in Townsend, TN are especially popular. Cades Cove is especially popular with bikers who cruise the loop early in the mornings hoping to spot a bounding deer or fox.

Others, like the many honeymooners that come to the area opt to get out on some of the park’s many trails by themselves. Surely there is a hike for you of the 150 or so official trails recognized by the National Park Service. Just be sure to check the park’s notices for temporary closures. This is just so that you know whether or not the trail you are considering hiking is open and that there are no warnings for it.

Also, if you’re going to be getting out into nature, make sure that you leave early enough so that you’ll arrive back before dark. On average, Smoky Mountain hikers travel about 1.5 miles per hour, though many do traveler slower. Sundown in the region can occur anywhere from just after 5 p.m. in December to almost 9 p.m. in June.

Wonders of Magic

If you’re into magic, illusion, and various other tricks that will leave you mind, as well as your eyes, in a state of shock and wonderment, there’s only one show in the Smoky Mountains that brings forth those types of reactions: WonderWorks’ Wonders of Magic featuring Terry Evanswood.

Located in the WonderWorks Theme Park in Pigeon Forge, the Wonder of Magic variety show includes not only magic, but music, animal acts, grand scale illusions, impersonations, sleight of hand and Houdini-style escapes. It’s a great family show that’s perfect for any type of Smoky Mountain vacation.

As mentioned, the Wonders of Magic show is presented by award-winning International Star of Magic Terry Evanswood. Evanswood has over 25 years of experience as a performing magician and has graced stages the world over. Pigeon Forge’s Wonders of Magic show is a year-round attraction, as is the popular WonderWorks magic dinner show.

The show takes place nightly inside the Imagination Theater at WonderWorks. The magical variety show never gets old, it literally feels like a brand new show every night. Terry tops off each show with his own message of hope, love and a reminder of the real “Wonders” we share on this magical planet.

Evanswood is the longest running headliner in town entering into his 14th season at WonderWorks’ Wonders of Magic. The show has been performed in front of millions of people over the years. Not only that, when you come to the show, you can accompany Terry down his magical memory lane at the “Hall of Magic” museum. Take a look and see if you can remember any of these great magicians of yesteryear as you stroll through the hall. We’re talking about names like Blackstone, Thurston and even Houdini, and a collection of artifacts, costumes, props, autographs and personal memorabilia from each one.

Call ahead for show times, information and pricing. Make your reservation today at 865-868-1800.

What’s NEW in 2013? RiverRush at Dollywood’s Splash Country!

The state’s first water coaster is set to open in May at Dollywood’s Splash Country, appropriately named RiverRush. RiverRush comes on the heels of the Wild Eagle roller coaster that debuted at Dollywood Theme Park during the 2012 season.

Over the past year, the Wild Eagle has drawn rave reviews from organizations across the country. All the praise was just another reason park officials, and the head lady herself, decided it was time to look at expanding Splash Country and adding to the park’s growing list of attractions.

“At Dollywood, we made history with Wild Eagle, the country’s first wing coaster, so I thought, why not do it again at Dollywood’s Splash Country with my new RiverRush water coaster,” Dolly Parton said. “You know me. I love making a big splash, and RiverRush is all that and a whole lot more!”

“RiverRush is a product of the next generation of water coasters, and we are thrilled that Dollywood’s Splash Country will be home to Tennessee’s first and only water coaster for families to enjoy,” said Amy Owenby, Vice President of Waterparks.

RiverRush is a hydromagnetic coaster that combines all of the powerful climbs, plunging drops, thrilling twists, and tight turns of a traditional roller coaster, but uses water to its advantage in bringing the newest and most exciting experience to the park’s guests.

RiverRush’s four-person toboggan-style boats are propelled by a large conveyor belt 237 feet at first before plunging 25 feet at a 45-degree drop. RiverRush’s tube track rises four stories and takes riders through the trees as it navigates three additional drops along the way. We’re talking a series of hairpin turns, dark tunnels, and rushing water that will leave riders wanting to ride again and again. In all, the RiverRush track take up over an acre near the park’s newly developed Big Bear Plunge white water rafting inspired slide.

If you were to stretch out the entire track in a straight line, it would measure 1,175 feet, just one foot less than New York City’s tallest building, One World Trade Center, dubbed Freedom Tower, which will stand 1,176 feet upon completion.

Dollywood’s Splash Country is right next door to Dollywood theme park. In all, Dollywood’s Splash Country is a 35-acre water adventure park and was recently named America’s Must-See Waterpark by the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions. The water park’s operating season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day and features 23 water slides, a wave pool, lazy river, leisure pool and two interactive children’s play areas. For more information, visit

Some New Years Resolutions for Traveling to Pigeon Forge

Whatever your reason for coming to Pigeon Forge, it won’t lack for things to do, especially this year. So, in the spirit of New Years, we here at Inside Pigeon Forge have come up with our own list of “resolutions”, or things we want to do in Pigeon Forge in 2013. Take a look and mark a few down on your calendar as well.

With the start of every year, Wilderness Wildlife Week gets things going with a week devoted to showcasing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it’s beauty, inhabitants and numerous excursions the park provides to its nearly 10 million annual visitors. This year (January 12-19), Wilderness Wildlife Week is offering 304 events that include hikes, programs, lectures, expositions, and basically anything that you can think of that has to do with the park.

Pigeon Forge wouldn’t be Pigeon Forge without the annual Grand Spring or Fall Rod Run. The event turns the Parkway into classic car central each year as thousands of gearheads line the parkway with their slickest ride hoping to sell or just there to show off. Thousands more people just come in to walk, talk, and enjoy the shine of all that chrome in Pigeon Forge.

The next resolution includes something most have done before, but just have to do again this year – whitewater rafting. The Pigeon River that runs through town features two levels of difficulty and is close to Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Sevierville and the Great Smoky Mountains. There are several white water rafting companies in the area to choose from. Check out before searching around, they offer great tours in the Smokies. Prices range from $29 to $39 per person for an hour.

Another local whitewater business is The Pigeon River Wildwater white water rafting company. They also offer zipline canopy tours at their facility and have a rock climbing wall for all their climbing guests.

Finally, a show at one of Pigeon Forge’s theater attractions like the Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show should be on everyone’s Pigeon Forge New Years Resolution list. These shows feature some of the most talented lumberjacks performing skill sets as well as comedy routines, and they’ll even get the audience involved in some stunts. And don’t forget about the southern cooking to go along with the show. It’s a great time for the entire family and one you’ll never forget.

What are some of your own Pigeon Forge New Years Resolutions? Where must you visit or what things must you do in Pigeon Forge this year? Let know by leaving us a comment below and you might just see your suggestion on our list. Have a great 2013 in Pigeon Forge!

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Miniature Railroad

Model trains are just one of those things that transport people back to their childhood. Whether it be memories of playing with their own trains, someone in their family, or a friend’s train, it always bring back memories of the good ole days. With that in mind, Dollywood has set up their own model train set in Craftsman’s Valley.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Miniature Railroad is specifically located in the Wings of America Theatre and spans 1,000 square feet of theater space. For those train enthusiasts out there, the garden-scale train runs on a multi-level platform. In all there are 6 total trains that run over bridges and under waterfalls in this Smoky Mountain landscape completed with houses decorated for Christmas with working lights and all. And all constructed upon six truckloads of natural stone. That’s quite a lot of planning and work for what seems like one of the park’s smaller exhibits. Believe us, when kids see it, there won’t be anything small about it.

The Smoky Mountain Miniature Railroad is a new attraction for 2012 and one that is sure to delight visitors attending the park’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival. Dollywood’s other park stages feature Christmas, its sounds, sights, and holiday flare! Among the shows that headline this year’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, there are An Appalachian Christmas, Christmas in the Smokies, Christmas with the Kingdom Heirs, Dollywood’s Christmas on Ice!, O’ Holy Night, and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. If you’re looking at other ways besides live shows and musicals to celebrate the season, stop  by for the Carol of the Trees, take in The Polar Express 4D Experience motion simulator and the nightly Parade of Lights (through Dec. 23) that travels straight through the park. Another big draw is Santa’s Workshop where they can come see the magic of toy making and tell Santa himself what they really want for Christmas.

Grab a bite of some of your holiday favorites while you’re there as well. Christmas buffets are offered at The Backstage, Aunt Granny’s and Miss Lillian’s restaurants. These delicious foods mix holiday favorites with new dishes at each park restaurant. Buffet prices are varying at each location. When you’re walking the park, notice the special holiday menu items highlighted along the way including eggnog, pumpkin and red velvet old-fashioned milkshakes at The Sweet Shoppe at Dollywood.

The Hatfields and McCoys Christmas Disaster Show

Sometimes the holidays can bring out best in families, though if you’re part of the Hatfield or McCoy clan, Christmas takes a backseat to family hijinks. You’ll see it all at the Hatfields and McCoys Christmas Dinner Show titled, “Christmas Disaster Show.” Both families don’t even stop their feud for Christmas. In all, it’s the perfect holiday show packed with new material and so much fun. Your entire family will love it.

The Hatfields and McCoys Christmas Disaster Show tells the tale of both families as they decide to suspend their feuding ways in order to celebrate the Christmas holiday. This despite the kidnapping of Pa Hatfield’s daughter by a McCoy boy and subsequent elopement. While the Hatfields will claim she was kidnapped, she apparently ran out to the McCoy pickup truck, jumped in and screamed “I’m free! I’m free! My family is crazy and I ain’t never comin’ back.”

Still, they’re willing let things lie for awhile to celebrate the Christmas season. Maybe a little competition won’t hurt – participating in a Christmas decorating contest in hopes of winning a big cash prize from the mayor. What they don’t know is that the mayor has set the contest up to benefit himself and the families risk losing their farms. Sprinkle in a few liberties taken from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and the mayor just might see the error of his ways thanks to a few old friends that come back to pay him a visit.

But what about the kidnapped Hatfield daughter and her McCoy lover? You’ll see them again, but might be surprised by the circumstances surrounding the couple and their return. Meanwhile, sing along to the familiar music and Christmas carols as both families celebrate the true meaning of the season. You’ll definitely want to witness the singing of “Oh, Holy Night.”

Oh, and let us not forget Maw McCoy’s delicious Christmas dinner – a 4 course meal of fried chicken, country pulled pork shoulder barbecue, smashed taters, creamy cole slaw, pinto beans, cornbread, creamy vegetable soup and chocolate pudding. It’s tempting to just head on over there right now.

Before long the Hatfield & McCoy’s Christmas Dinner Show will be a holiday favorite in the Smoky Mountains and a must-see for visitors coming to the area.

For more information on the show call 800-985-5494 or visit their site at

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show
119 Music Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 908-7469

A Dixie Stampede Christmas

The Dixie Stampede Christmas spectacular is THE show to see this holiday season if you’re in Pigeon Forge or the Smoky Mountains.

The combination of great food and a holiday show you’ll never forget will literally leave you speechless and make you feel good all over. Delight in the snow as it falls around the arena. It’s a true fantasyland as The Dixie Stampede is transformed before your very eyes. Twinkling lights, evergreens, poinsettias, old-fashioned holiday costumes and familiar holiday music make the place come alive.

You’ve probably heard about the Dixie Stampede’s live nativity. It’s a powerful sight to behold. If you’ve ever wondered about the true meaning of Christmas, here’s your answer. You’ll bear witness as the three kings ride atop camels on their way to Bethlehem. Angels ascending from above will leave you in awe as you listen to the songs of the season. Come with an open mind and an open heart and truly be amazed at Dixie Stampede as they celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

And don’t think they’re going to just do a show without a little fun and games sprinkled in. Elves from the North Pole and South Pole compete in a friendly rivalry while serving up a festive four-course feast! Pick your favorite Elf and join in in all the fun. You may even be chosen to take part in the actual show.

Now, don’t you worry because Santa Claus will be there too. Young and old alike await the arrival of Santa at the Dixie Stampede riding in on his sleigh full of toys for good girls and boys. The entire Dixie Stampede cast including 32 horses is waiting to take you on a memorable Christmas adventure complete with the holiday songs you remember growing up.

Be sure to get there early as one hour before the main arena show, the Dixie Belle Saloon is home to some of the best Christmas music just to get everyone in a festive mood. It’s an opening act included in the price of your ticket that you won’t want to miss.

Take in the Dixie Stampede this Christmas a relive the wonder of the holiday season again and again.

Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede
3849 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 453-4400

Hollywood Wax Museum

Come Play With the Stars!

Talk about a building that is hard to miss!  The Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge is one of the most decorated and one of the newest buildings on the Parkway and it is also one of the easiest to find.  Look for King Kong climbing on the outside of the building and you will know that you have arrived, that you are there to see wax versions of some of your favorite celebrities and what’s more – you get to get in the picture with them.  You can stand up close and take a picture that you can then make your friends jealous with.

The Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge is new.  This business used to be located in Gatlinburg, but they have relocated to the Parkway in Pigeon Forge.  They are in the same building that used to house the Dinosaur Walk Museum but all semblance of that building is gone and the building itself is where the fun starts.  The front of the venue is a throwback to the days of yore and Mount Rushmore with faces from Hollywood’s past decorating one side and of course King Kong climbing it from the back.  But if you think all the fun is on the outside, you are wrong.  Step through the door and make sure you brought a camera.

Here is the difference with the Hollywood Wax Museum and some other wax museums.  In the Hollywood Wax Museum, you can get right up next tot he wax figure.  You can step into the scene with your favorite celebrity.  You can get your picture taken with the celebrity of your choice and take that picture home with you, post it on Facebook, whatever, the folks at this wax museum don’t care. They have employees that go around to the exhibits to make sure that they look great and that each figure is ready for its next closeup.  And if you think you messed up one of the figures hair or their clothes, just let someone know and they will have someone run by and give that exhibit a touch up.

Here are some of the figures that you will get to see at the Hollywood Wax Museum:

  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Brad Pitt
  • Natalie Portman
  • Elvis Presley
  • John Wayne
Like I said, bring a camera.  Line your kids up with their favorite star.  Get into the action yourself.  Strike a pose with a celebrity, all be it a wax one and have a good time hamming it up for the camera.  Let the Hollywood Wax Museum get you into the scene.

Hollywood Wax Museum
106 Showplace Blvd
Pigeon Forge, TN

Christmas at the Lumberjack Feud

Hilarity ensues when you combine elves and lumberjacks in Pigeon Forge’s Lumberjack Feud Christmas show. Not only do these little holidays helpers and the lumberjacks get involved in the act, the dogs do too. It’s an entirely new show just in time for the Christmas season.

This year there are two ways to enjoy the Lumberjack Feud’s Christmas Show: you can buy tickets to the dinner and the show, or you can buy tickets to the show only and kids tickets are only $9.95! And it all takes place in a new state-of-the-art theater built specifically for lumberjack events, with stadium-style seating, and concession stands throughout.

Located on the parkway in Pigeon Forge between traffic lights 3 and 4, guests are treated to the best in lumberjacking with a Christmas twist including the hot saw, cross-cut saw pull, log rolling, the standing chop, and all the comedy, animal acts including timber dogs and horses. Add to that, if you decide to purchase the dinner to go along with the show, you get a lumberjack-style picnic dinner of slow roasted pork loin, gravy, cornbread dressing, mesquite chicken breast, mac & cheese, green beans, rolls and some oh-so-good Smoky Mountain blueberry cobbler. Makes you almost want to take in a show right now just to get a piece of that cobbler.

Tickets to watch the lumberjack action and their special Christmas show are as follows:

Premium Dinner and Show Seating (Rows 1-2)

$47.95 Adult plus tax

$24.95 Child (3-11) plus tax

Children 2 and under are FREE


Dinner and Show Seating

$42.95 Adult plus tax

$19.95 Child (3-11) plus tax

Children 2 and under are FREE


Show Only Seating

$29.95 Adult plus tax

$9.95 Child (3-11) plus tax

Children 2 and under are FREE

Lumberjack Feud
2713 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Local: (865) 428-8688
Toll Free: 855-BIG-FEUD (855-244-3383)