The Hatfields and McCoys Christmas Disaster Show

Sometimes the holidays can bring out best in families, though if you’re part of the Hatfield or McCoy clan, Christmas takes a backseat to family hijinks. You’ll see it all at the Hatfields and McCoys Christmas Dinner Show titled, “Christmas Disaster Show.” Both families don’t even stop their feud for Christmas. In all, it’s the perfect holiday show packed with new material and so much fun. Your entire family will love it.

The Hatfields and McCoys Christmas Disaster Show tells the tale of both families as they decide to suspend their feuding ways in order to celebrate the Christmas holiday. This despite the kidnapping of Pa Hatfield’s daughter by a McCoy boy and subsequent elopement. While the Hatfields will claim she was kidnapped, she apparently ran out to the McCoy pickup truck, jumped in and screamed “I’m free! I’m free! My family is crazy and I ain’t never comin’ back.”

Still, they’re willing let things lie for awhile to celebrate the Christmas season. Maybe a little competition won’t hurt – participating in a Christmas decorating contest in hopes of winning a big cash prize from the mayor. What they don’t know is that the mayor has set the contest up to benefit himself and the families risk losing their farms. Sprinkle in a few liberties taken from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and the mayor just might see the error of his ways thanks to a few old friends that come back to pay him a visit.

But what about the kidnapped Hatfield daughter and her McCoy lover? You’ll see them again, but might be surprised by the circumstances surrounding the couple and their return. Meanwhile, sing along to the familiar music and Christmas carols as both families celebrate the true meaning of the season. You’ll definitely want to witness the singing of “Oh, Holy Night.”

Oh, and let us not forget Maw McCoy’s delicious Christmas dinner – a 4 course meal of fried chicken, country pulled pork shoulder barbecue, smashed taters, creamy cole slaw, pinto beans, cornbread, creamy vegetable soup and chocolate pudding. It’s tempting to just head on over there right now.

Before long the Hatfield & McCoy’s Christmas Dinner Show will be a holiday favorite in the Smoky Mountains and a must-see for visitors coming to the area.

For more information on the show call 800-985-5494 or visit their site at

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show
119 Music Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 908-7469

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