Where Luxury Meets the Smokies: New Luxury Big Cabins in Gatlinburg

GATLINBURG – A new development in Gatlinburg bridges the gap between rustic hillside cabins and well-appointed downtown hotel rooms. Cherokee Orchard has four big luxury rental cabins and a pool house with indoor pool — so far. The development at 368 E. Holly Ridge Road is already available for rent, but four more cabins are to come beginning in January 2019.

This collection of eight cabins has enough space to host up to 500 guests, of all ages, for a family reunion, company retreat, sports team competition, family anniversary celebration or a Smoky Mountain destination wedding. At this unique cabin community, you can get large parties–up to 96 people–under one roof.

A ribbon-cutting June 18 drew about 100 people, mostly local government and business officials connected to tourism and economic development.

Cherokee Orchard is the work of Kenny Hayes, the owner of Southern Scapes Home Design.

The cabins will be managed by Wyndham Vacation Rentals Smoky Mountains. Wyndham has been in the Gatlinburg-area market since 2012, managing properties with multiple owners.

Cherokee Orchard, on Historic Nature Trail, is designed like a small village with winding sidewalks, thoughtful landscaping, and plenty of parking, even for buses. It’s close enough to walk to the Gatlinburg strip, but a trolley stops at the bottom of the private driveway, too.

Inspired by the majestic beauty and rich history of the Smoky Mountains, Cherokee Orchard is your own private mountain oasis. Designed to bring the outdoors in, this incredible destination features stunning open-plan living spaces with modern mountain-lodge style and local décor. Sharp peaks, timber and rustic colors give the exterior of Cherokee Orchard cabins their classic lodge appeal. On the inside, history and functionality join forces to add yet another layer of character–rustic wide-plank engineered wood floors, locally sourced bark covered walls, oversized stone fireplaces and espresso colored furnishings.

With exceptional care taken to add modern comforts while preserving historic character, Cherokee Orchard strikes a perfect balance between active outdoor recreation, shared experiences, and personal renewal. The layout delivers intimacy without sacrificing spaciousness. Designed for memory-making, each cabin comes with varied amenities of modern resplendence such as home theaters, pool tables, an array of board games and more.
A shared space also means shared costs, so you can enjoy the ultimate get-together at a practical rate.
Book online at www.bigcabins.com or www.wyndhamvacationrentals.com or call 855-214-8104 to reserve your rustic-done-right retreat.

Huck Finn’s Catfish Chicken and Steaks

A local’s review of Huck Finn’s Catfish in Pigeon Forge, TN. If you like southern hospitality, catfish, chicken, steakes, and vittles, then try Huck Finn’s in Pigeon Forge!

If you like southern-fried foods, sweet tea, and southern hospitality then look no further. Huck Finn’s in Pigeon Forge is known for an amazing “all u can eat” meal that includes “vittles” which is:

  • Bottomless Bowl of Baked White Beans & Ham
  • Fresh Ground coleslaw with our secret dressing
  • Huck’s famous hush puppies
  • Dill Pickles & Sweet Onion Slices

Now if you’re sitting there thinking, “Well DANG! That’s a meal in itself!”…you’re right! You can order just the vittles as an entire meal and you’ll leave waddling out. Just make sure you park at the lower end of the parking lot to make it easier to get to your car! If, on the other hand, you’d like to add some meat to your meal, then go for the “all u can eat” which includes your choice of southern fried chicken, fried catfish, or you can get a little of both with some fried chicken and fried catfish fillets! To wash all of this down they will bring you a big ole’ mason jar (if you don’t know what a mason jar is… well… come and relax in the south for a bit) full of tea, lemonade, or Pepsi products. I highly suggest the sweet tea!

Huck Finn’s is owned by one of the nicest businessmen in Pigeon Forge and he has a great staff that will keep your plates full, your glasses filled to the rim, and your bellies stuffed! This is definitely the one place for southern-fried food in Pigeon Forge.

Huck Finn’s
3330 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 429-3353

4 Reasons to Visit the Pigeon Forge Mill

Pigeon Forge is filled with many amazing attractions that you don’t want to miss during your trip to the area. The Pigeon Forge Mill should definitely be one of those must see items on your list of places to visit during your trip to Pigeon Forge. Here are a few reasons why the Pigeon Forge Mill will be one of the highlights of the trip. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Visit the Pigeon Forge Mill”


MagiQuest is good family fun in Pigeon Forge packed into large castle right on the parkway. By entering into the MagiQuest kingdom, you’re immediately cast into a realm where fantasy and illusion rule the day. A magic wand is all you’ll need here.

At MagiQuest, your adventure begins in earnest as you search for treasure, battle dragons and goblins, all while searching for secret passages to give you a leg up in the game. If that’s not your style or have someone else that wants to explore the castle, they can play MagiQuest’s 18 hole SpecialFX Pirate Golf course, explore the world’s largest mirror maze in the Odyssey, or race through the Vault laser challenge.

When you visit MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge, you determine the course of your day. It’s your adventure, however you choose it. At MagiQuest, you’re an integral part of the game. You live it.

Everyone is issued a Magic Wand at MagiQuest. It’s yours. It knows your name and records everything that you accomplish during the game. You’ll come to be amazed at the wonderful creatures and characters you meet during the game. Test your bravery, as well as your skills and knowledge.

The MagiQuest Pigeon Forge Ultimate Package includes the following: a MagiQuest wand and 90 minutes of game play time. You’ll also get to play a round of Special FX Pirate Golf, Odyssey – the World’s Largest Mirror Maze and The Vault laser maze.

MagiQuest is unlike anything you have ever experienced. You begin by selecting a Magic Wand that is yours to keep, forever! You’ll use clues and hints to go on quests, battle dragons and embark on adventures. When you return you pick up where you left off on your last visit.

2491 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 686-5586

Dolly’s Christmas Chapel

One of the most picturesque scenes that occurs every Christmas at Dollywood takes place at Dolly’s Christmas Chapel. The peaceful chapel stands out among the other park buildings and rides as its draped in thousands of Christmas lights and offers special services throughout Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival.

Dollywood’s country church, complete with just one room, simple wooden pews, and hardwood floors serves as a Christmas memory for many who come to Dollywood during the holidays in order to experience Christmas in the Smokies at its finest. Experience the chapel at Christmas, named in honor of Dr. Robert F. Thomas who delivered little Dolly Rebecca Parton, for services each Sunday at 5:30 p.m. during the Christmas season.

The chapel itself is found nestled in behind all the rides, attractions, and restaurants at Dollywood. Each is lit up in their own special way during the Christmas season, but none as magically appealing as the chapel. From its chiming bell to the wreathes and garland hung around its windows and doors, its the perfect holiday setting.

The Christian Christmas service starts at 5:30 on the dot and lasts for a half hour. Church-goers can light candles and step back and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas amongst all shining lights and musical performances of Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas.

As mentioned, the Robert F. Thomas Chapel is named for the doctor who delivered Dolly, he also helped deliver a number of her siblings. He served as pastor of the chapel which bears his name until his death in 1981.

According to Dollywood Chaplain Joey Buck, God has been at work in Dollywood and continues to be through the many people who come to the chapel during the park’s Christmas celebration and throughout the year.

The chapel is also a wonderful opportunity to people traveling to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood to attend church services even while they’re on vacation. Many people choose not to go to church services while they’re out of town, this is just an opportunity for those looking to continue that aspect of their lives when they’re in Pigeon Forge and Dollywood.

“People come from around the world, from across the country, and many different backgrounds, many different traditions and together we meet and call ourselves a church. And what we can do is celebrate what we have in common and that is Jesus Christ,” Buck said.

Dolly’s Christmas Chapel hopes to see everyone that comes through the park this Christmas season. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to stop by.

5 Tips for Avoiding Pigeon Forge Traffic

If any of you have been to Pigeon Forge, you’ve probably noticed the Pigeon Forge traffic when you come in and when you go out. Although the Pigeon Forge traffic really isn’t that bad, we have a few great ways to help you avoid the Pigeon Forge traffic as easily as possible. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Try to be in town before 3 p.m. on Friday. The 3 o’clock hour is really busy because many people are checking in to hotels and lodging at this hour. If possible, come earlier rather than later. If you need to wait and come later, then try waiting until later in the evening, even after dinnertime.

2. If you’re leaving Pigeon Forge on Sunday, try to leave before 10 a.m. or after 1 p.m. A great way to manage this is to take your time when you leave, sit down for lunch and take one last look at the Smokies before you head out. The Pigeon Forge traffic tends to clear up around 1-2 p.m. on Sundays.

3. Ride the trolley or walk. If you want to avoid driving in Pigeon Forge traffic while you’re in town, just hop on one of the trolleys or walk. There’s many places, like Patriot Park, where you can park your car for the day to catch a ride on a trolley or even walk. From Patriot Park, you’re really close to the main Parkway, so you won’t have to worry about walking too far.

4. Plan activities that are close together. There are places with shopping, entertainment and restaurants within walking distance on the Pigeon Forge Parkway. When you plan where you’re visiting, you will avoid driving up and down the Parkway to reach any of the attractions or activities. You can plan your trip so you only have to head in one direction to complete everything in a single trip.

5. Like many popular vacation destinations, there’s bound to be a little bit of traffic in the peak seasons. If you visit during the off season, you will be able to avoid Pigeon Forge traffic even more.

When you’re planning your vacation to Pigeon Forge, don’t worry about the Pigeon Forge traffic. You’re going to have a lot of fun during your stay, and traffic isn’t so bad that it’s going to ruin your trip in any way! We promise! For a couple more helpful tips for getting around Pigeon Forge, take a look at our alternate route to Dollywood and the shortcut to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park from Pigeon Forge.

4 Unbeatable Tricks To Get the Most Out Of Your Pigeon Forge Trolley Experience

Make your next trip to Pigeon Forge even more exciting by taking a ride on the Pigeon Forge Trolley. Not only does this give you an easy way to travel around town without having to worry about traffic, it is also an incredibly low-cost solution to exploring the area.

To make sure you get the most out of your trolley ride, read through our travel tips for the trolley below! Continue reading “4 Unbeatable Tricks To Get the Most Out Of Your Pigeon Forge Trolley Experience”

Pigeon Forge Winterfest Trolley Tour of Lights

Pigeon Forge’s Winterfest Trolley Tour of Lights lets you take in the town in all its holiday glory with a narrated tour of the town, its streets and neighborhoods.

Is it possible to see 5 million Christmas lights in one night? Quite possibly, and Pigeon Forge is going to give their best shot at it with the town’s Winterfest Trolley Tour of Lights. It’s an easy way to get the holiday season started off right and get everyone in the spirit. It’s also a great way to tour Pigeon Forge and see some of the places that you might have missed just traveling down the Parkway. Let Pigeon Forge’s Trolley Ride of Lights be your guide to the holidays this season.

2017-2018 Dates

November 6, 2017 through February 28, 2018

And just so you know, just because it’s after New Years, doesn’t mean that Pigeon Forge stops celebrating. In fact, trolley rides will continue through the end of February, just so that we’re sure everyone will get their chance to see Pigeon Forge lit up in all its glory.

Pigeon Forge’s Trolley Ride of Lights is your chance to really take in every bit of the town’s holiday spirit with each trip you decide to take. The streets will be decorated with not only lights but garlands, candles, wreaths, Santas, and watch out for the mistletoe! The tour is completely narrated and the trolley itself is heated. Each trolley comes with its own personal tour guide whose stories about Pigeon Forge’s history are sure to amaze and wonder. Let us do the driving, we want you to be able to see all of Pigeon Forge’s holiday magic.

And just one other note, there must be a minimum of 15 passengers for the Trolley tour to begin. Tickets can be purchased upon arrival and reservations are required for groups of 10 or more. For any other information, call 865-453-6444 and enjoy the lights!

Top 5 Pigeon Forge Cabin Rentals

We’ve compiled our list of the Top 5 cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge, check them out and book now!


One of Sugar Maple’s many great Pigeon Forge cabins.

Whenever it comes time to plan the annual family vacation, or if you’re just looking to get away for a brief respite from everyday life and the daily grind, you want to be sure that your choice is going to be a memorable one. For those of you who vacation in the Smokies, or have before, careful planning in a couple of key departments can make or break a trip. Lets take a look at some top Pigeon Forge cabin rentals you might want to check on when planning your trip.

Every year, anywhere from 5-10 million people come through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A number just want to see the park, its beautiful views and vistas, then speed straight out of town… Or they live within a short day’s drive of the park. Still, of those millions, countless stay overnight in Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountain towns of Gatlinburg, Townsend, and Sevierville where the cabin rental business has taken on a life of its own. Most of these cabin rental properties sit atop majestic Smoky Mountain ridges with unparalleled views and come quipped with everything a guest might need, plus a lot more. From theater rooms with pool tables and top-of-the-line video gaming systems to hot tubs perched upon decks overlooking a wondrous fall valley, these Pigeon Forge cabins have it all and offer customer service second to none in the area.

Here is our Top 5 Pigeon Forge cabin rentals, and an overview of their offerings:

  1. Sugar Maple Cabins – When you hear someone talk about a recent stay in a Sugar Maple Cabin, the words “beautiful”, “great views”, “countless amenities”, and “memorable trip” usually come up in conversation. These Pigeon Forge cabins are located throughout town in a variety of resorts and locales. Sugar Maple also offers a number of secluded cabins, pet-friendly cabins, and large group rentals.
  2. The Preserve Resort – Located high atop a ridge in the Wears Valley area, The Preserve Resort is THE resort if you’re looking for 360-degree, panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge, TN. The cabins at the Preserve offer a number of amenities from hot tubs to pool tables and everything in between. Once you stay at the Preserve, you’ll never want to leave the resort.
  3. Majestic Mountain Vacations – Like Sugar Maple, Majestic’s cabin properties are spread out all across Pigeon Forge and Sevier County. And with amenities that stretch the gamut of entertainment at most, what sets these apart are the number of wooded-area rentals. You’ll find cabins that back up to a mountain stream and some that situated away from other rentals so as to preserve your getaway’s peace and tranquility.
  4. Sherwood Forest Resort – Looking for a place to stay in the Smokies but still close enough to enjoy the attractions, shopping, and restaurants of the Parkway in Pigeon Forge? Sherwood Forest Resort is the answer. These cabins are literally just steps off the Parkway and within a short driving distance to Dollywood and Tanger Five Oaks Outlet mall.
  5. Legacy Mountain Resort – Another Pigeon Forge resort located atop one of the area’s most scenic ridges. The views from Legacy Mountain Resort are jaw-dropping to say the least. Each cabins features its share of amenities and a view to match.

The Patty Waszak Show

One of the funniest women in the South just so happens to headline her own show at the Smith Family Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN. Patty Waszak’s show is the longest running morning variety show in the Smokies and has been performed in front of millions of people throughout the Southeast.

Known for her high energy, Patty Waszak’s heart warming variety show features some of the most popular big band favorites, polkas, 50s and 60s rock, country, 70s disco, Broadway hits, 80s and 90s pop, and all the current hits. Hum and sing along to the songs you grew up with and hear on the radio today. Patty is also bog on audience participation and music trivia, so be ready when you come to a show you just might get picked out of the audience. And of course what would a show be without a number of Patty’s original songs.

She’s a musical wonder. As a part of the show, Patty shows her ability to play thirty instruments.

Not only is she a musician, she can sing, tell a ton of funny jokes, sprinkle in some comedy, and can dance when she has to. It literally feels like every show is brand new. Patty’s enthusiasm is contagious and gets everyone going from the moment she hits the stage. Her sincere love for those who come to her show is evident in every performance. Just like she says, she’ll “re-charge your battery” through each performance. And it’s a great show to bring the kids to. It’s put together with families in mind with an emphasis on healthy values and produced to the highest artistic standards.

As mentioned, Patty Waszak has performed all across the country at festivals, fund raisers, cruises, reunions, state and county fairs, luncheons/dinners, conventions, travel shows, theatres and dinner theatre events. Patty also performs a modified version of her show at nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The show is 90 minutes long when there is no intermission or 2 hours long when there is an intermission.

(865) 774-9454