4 Reasons to Visit the Pigeon Forge Mill

Scenic photo of the Pigeon Forge Mill.

Pigeon Forge is filled with many amazing attractions that you don’t want to miss during your trip to the area. The Pigeon Forge Mill should definitely be one of those must see items on your list of places to visit during your trip to Pigeon Forge. Here are a few reasons why the Pigeon Forge Mill will be one of the highlights of the trip.

1. Local History

The Pigeon Forge Mill was built in the early 1800s and was used to produce the meals and flours that were essential to lives of the Pigeon Forge locals. The mill quickly became a hub for activity for the small mountain town of Pigeon Forge. Until 1935, the mill even produced electricity for the town. Today, the mill is still a location of commerce in Pigeon Forge. The mill is now home to a Pigeon Forge souvenir shop and a restaurant. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and like in the 19th century, it is still one of the most popular places in Pigeon Forge to visit and is also one of the most photographed mills in the entire United States.

2. Local CraftsCloseup of the water wheel at the Pigeon Forge Mill.

Along with the rich history of Pigeon Forge, many wonderful crafts come out of this area of the country. The area’s crafts are being practiced in the nearby shops of The Old Mill Square. In particular, Pigeon Forge Pottery has been practicing its craft for the last 50 years. So take the time to browse through the living history of the Pigeon Forge area, who knows maybe you will take some home with you.

3. Mouthwatering Foods

What visit to the Pigeon Forge Mill would be complete with enjoying the local, Southern food? The Pigeon Forge Mill is home to two amazing restaurants that serve the best Southern style food. These restaurants will not only give you a taste for Southern cooking but also a taste of what Southern hospitality is really about.

After you enjoying a to die for Southern meal at one of the Pigeon Forge Mill restaurants, you can shop around at the Old Mill Square stores that sell all kinds of goodies. You can take home amazing goodies from the bakery or hit up the candy store to satisfy your sweet tooth. There is no way you will leave the Pigeon Forge Mill on an empty stomach.

A photo showing the back of the Pigeon Forge Mill.4. Homemade Mill Products

Do not forget to hit up the mill’s store. At the mill store you can buy mill products, such as cornmeal, flour, grits, oats and more. These mill products are great gifts for when the holidays come around or for you to use to make your own tasty treats.

Pigeon Forge is a one of a kind place for you and your family to visit. With a one of a kind place like Pigeon Forge there are many one of a kind attractions that you and your family will need to check out. Though you will fall in love with the Pigeon Forge Mill, don’t forget to check out the other amazing Pigeon Forge attractions.

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