Dolly’s Christmas Chapel

One of the most picturesque scenes that occurs every Christmas at Dollywood takes place at Dolly’s Christmas Chapel. The peaceful chapel stands out among the other park buildings and rides as its draped in thousands of Christmas lights and offers special services throughout Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival.

Dollywood’s country church, complete with just one room, simple wooden pews, and hardwood floors serves as a Christmas memory for many who come to Dollywood during the holidays in order to experience Christmas in the Smokies at its finest. Experience the chapel at Christmas, named in honor of Dr. Robert F. Thomas who delivered little Dolly Rebecca Parton, for services each Sunday at 5:30 p.m. during the Christmas season.

The chapel itself is found nestled in behind all the rides, attractions, and restaurants at Dollywood. Each is lit up in their own special way during the Christmas season, but none as magically appealing as the chapel. From its chiming bell to the wreathes and garland hung around its windows and doors, its the perfect holiday setting.

The Christian Christmas service starts at 5:30 on the dot and lasts for a half hour. Church-goers can light candles and step back and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas amongst all shining lights and musical performances of Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas.

As mentioned, the Robert F. Thomas Chapel is named for the doctor who delivered Dolly, he also helped deliver a number of her siblings. He served as pastor of the chapel which bears his name until his death in 1981.

According to Dollywood Chaplain Joey Buck, God has been at work in Dollywood and continues to be through the many people who come to the chapel during the park’s Christmas celebration and throughout the year.

The chapel is also a wonderful opportunity to people traveling to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood to attend church services even while they’re on vacation. Many people choose not to go to church services while they’re out of town, this is just an opportunity for those looking to continue that aspect of their lives when they’re in Pigeon Forge and Dollywood.

“People come from around the world, from across the country, and many different backgrounds, many different traditions and together we meet and call ourselves a church. And what we can do is celebrate what we have in common and that is Jesus Christ,” Buck said.

Dolly’s Christmas Chapel hopes to see everyone that comes through the park this Christmas season. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to stop by.

Santa’s Workshop at Dollywood

If you ever want to see a child’s face light up with happiness and anticipation take them to Santa’s Workshop at Dollywood. It’s a magical place where wishes come true and smiles are in no short supply. One look inside at all the toys and you’ll see why families flock to this spot every year.

As one of the more popular stops during Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, Santa’s Workshop in Celebration Hall sees quite a lot of foot traffic every night during December. Step inside this giant toy store and its immediately evident – larger-than-life-sized toys greet every visitor as they walk in the shop. Fun, interactive activities await around every corner, such as gazing through the over-sized ViewMaster. But don’t forget the most important reason for stopping by…. Visiting with Santa! Have your picture taken and be sure to tell what you really want for Christmas. It might be one of your only chances so make it good.

Meet Santa and take part in some Christmas fun with the entire family. From ornament decorating to sand art and other holiday games, there’s something to get everyone in the Christmas spirit at Santa’s Workshop.

When you leave, don’t be surprised to see Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge wandering around during Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. He needs some good ole-fashioned Smoky Mountain holiday cheer. As one of Charles Dickens’ most enduring characters, he spreads his own brand of Christmas cheer throughout the park. Look for Tinker the famous Christmas tree. Tinker is larger than life and shares fun holiday stories sure to captivate youngsters who can’t believe their eyes or ears. The entire family will enjoy Tinker’s hilarious antics.

No matter where you’re from or why you’re here, you’ll find something to about Santa’s Workshop and especially Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. The yearly December event features such renowned shows as Christmas on Ice, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Christmas with the Kingdom Heirs, and much much more. Come to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge this Christmas season and experience the holidays like they were meant to be.

Dollywood’s Polar Express in 4-D

Dollywood’s Polar Express in 4-D has closed. Information below is maintained for historical purposes.

If you plan on going to a Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood this year, be sure you check out the Polar Express in 4-D. Since its inception a few years ago at the ’08 festival, the program has been a rousing success.

Located in the theme park’s Imagination Cinema, the Polar Express 4-D Experience as it’s been called, tells the popular holiday story of the Polar Express, the children who ride the Express, their journey to the North Pole, and all the adventures that happen along the way. And all in 4-D.

The 4-D experience as developed for The Polar Express, takes and uses a 3-D digital projection system that gives the appearance of images leaping off the projection screen. The addition of 4-D effects, means you’ll notice snow falling around you as well as smells like that of hot chocolate.

“This Christmas, I’m inviting families to take a spectacular holiday journey where dreams become real, and everybody knows I dream bigger than just about anybody else,” Dolly Parton said. “On The Polar Express 4-D Experience, all you have to do is believe, and I sure do!”

Like in The Polar Express, all anyone asks is that you go in, eyes open, and BELIEVE!

As mentioned, on The Polar Express a hesitant, but curious young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole – a land of elves, and you guessed it, home to one Santa Claus. This journey shows him the true meaning of Christmas and encourages one to believe no matter how unbelievable some things may be.

The Polar Express 4-D Experience is based the Warner Bros. Pictures film and book by Chris Van Allsburg.

In addition to a winter wonderland of more than four-million holiday lights, Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival includes a Christmastime entertainment lineup of Christmas in the Smokies, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, An Appalachian Christmas, Christmas with the Kingdom Heirs, The Victorian Melodies, O’ Holy Night, Carol of the Trees plus the nightly Lighted Christmas Parade, and much much more.

Families can also explore Santa’s Workshop, a magnificent 500-square-foot home away from home featuring larger-than-life-sized toys like a seven-foot-tall sailboat; a 9-foot elephant; a tricycle that stands at 5 feet; an 8-foot-tall dollhouse; as well as a number of other large Christmas toys that you’ll have to see to believe.

Dollywood’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

If you’re into musicals, and especially Christmas musicals, you’re going to love Dollywood’s version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. This magical story surrounding Santa Claus’ Christmas Eve visit is set to some familiar holiday tunes and the choreography  will leave you speechless as you enjoy Dollywood’s rendition of a true Christmas miracle.

Featuring a 12-member cast and a 4-piece band, no holiday corner or crack is left unattended to as the cast tells the wondrous  “Twas the Night Before Christmas classic set to music and song. The stage is located at the Rivertown Junction area of Dollywood and shows run at 4:45, 6:45, and 8:15 pm throughout Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival.

Stepping through the park gates, you know it’s Christmastime at Dollywood. You’re met by a giant snowman standing beside a larger than life candy cane stands guard as you approach the turnstiles. Thousands of colorful lights adorn The Emporium, the bakery, and the Showstreet Palace. Yes, Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas is underway!

As you walk through the park it is difficult not to feel the chill in the air, even though it may be 70 degrees outside. Reindeer, elves and dozens of other colorful characters line the walkways throughout the park and icicles fall from brightly lit trees.

Just below Dollywood’s Celebrity Theater a Christmas Tree decorated with blue lights and snowflakes replaces the water in the fountain that run the rest of the year. A short distance away you will find one of Dollywood’s most popular Christmas attractions, The Carol of the Trees. This light and music celebration is nestled on the lake between Aunt Granny’s all-you-can-eat holiday buffet and the now still waters of the Smoky Mountain River Rampage.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas runs through the end of December. The big change will be in the actual hours as Dollywood’s Christmas in the Smokies festival mainly occurs during the evening hours. Show dates and times can be found on And as alway, if you purchase a 2013 Season Pass, you’ll get into next December’s Dollywood Christmas in the Smokies for FREE.

Dollywood’s Parade of Lights

To say Dollywood’s Parade of Lights is “electric” would be putting it very mildly. You could go through a handful of adjectives to describe the annual Christmas event that’s really become a show-stopper, again literally, every December.

The Parade of Lights is probably an event you would compare to Disney World has its Electric Light Parade, but on a much smaller scale. And though Dollywood’s version is much smaller, it’s still big on fun and allows for great memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll see a lot of recognizable characters from Dollywood as well as Christmas-time friends you’ll recognize from as far back as your childhood. It’s a great event that the whole family will enjoy.

Of course, these are just a few of the things to keep you and your family busy during this annual Christmas event. Dollywood’s rides, restaurants and Santa’s Workshop bring you plenty of holiday magic, too.

A one-day admission to Dollywood costs about $60. However, if you plan on going more than once or plan on returning in 2011 you can buy a season pass good for the remainder of 2010 and 2011, all for less than two one-day admissions. You will also find more specials online.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas includes not only the Parade of Lights, but over 4 million shining Christmas lights hung all over the Pigeon Forge theme park. It is a winter wonderland. Most of the same shows you’ve enjoyed in years past are back this year including Dolly Parton’s all-time favorite Christmas in the Smokies. So make plans to come be a part of Dollywood’s Parade of Lights and enjoy Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas with your family and friends.

Dollywood’s Christmas in the Smokies

Dollywood’s Christmas in the Smokies live show is one of the highlights of the Pigeon Forge theme park’s Smoky Mountain Christmas every year.

The show will bring back all your Christmas memories in one fabulous show. The holiday musical Christmas in the Smokies is a production apart from the rest of  Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. Christmas in the Smokies features a 12-member cast of actors and actresses performing those holiday favorites heard in hometowns across the country.

Along with the annual presentation of Christmas in the Smokies, Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas will drape the popular theme park in millions of Christmas lights, operate a giant Santa’s workshop, holiday rides for the kids, and shops and restaurants decorated tot he “nines” in Christmas attire. Dollywood should seem like a twinkling wonderland to most, at least that’s the goal.

Come be a part of Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas and the millions of Christmas lights that shine throughout the park during the month of December.

“I’m thrilled that my Smoky Mountain Christmas festival won its third Golden Ticket Award for Best Christmas Event, and it means the world to me that families get to enjoy the smiles and squeals of the little kids — and the big kids, too — as they spend the holidays together at Dollywood,” said Dolly Parton, following the announcement of the Golden Ticket Award last year. Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas is annually recognized as one of the best holiday events in the south.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas includes more than 20 rides and attractions in its winter wonderland, including the Thunderhead and Mystery Mine roller coasters.

You should also know about the dining opportunities at Dollywood during the holidays including a number of special buffets. Diners at Aunt Granny’s restaurant are joined by the Coca-Cola Santa each operating day through Dec. 23. In addition to oven-roasted turkey, pulled ham, cornbread dressing and other familiar favorites, new items offered only during Smoky Mountain Christmas include the Spotlight Bakery’s 25-pound pies in four holiday flavors — cranberry walnut, brown sugar pecan, white chocolate, and oatmeal and cranberry apple pies — each available by the slice.

Dollywood’s Appalachian Christmas

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain String Band is back this year with their presentation of an Appalachian Christmas at Dollywood. Come hear some of your favorite holiday tunes and Christmas melodies at the Back Porch Theatre at Dollywood.

The annual Smoky Mountain Christmas festival at Dollywood, which includes Dollywood’s Appalachian Christmas, is a month-long Christmas spectacular set against the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains. Guests will be privy to nearly 4 million Christmas lights and over 20 rides and attractions, including Wild Eagle after dark. Celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Smoky Mountains during the 7-week festival that goes until Dec. 30.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Miniature Railroad debuts at this year’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. Guests can see this at the Wings of America stage area in Craftsman’s Valley. This model train display is 1,000 square feet of electric fun. In all, it’s 6 model trains running over bridges and around a working waterfall.

“Singing Christmas carols, eating great food and enjoying the company of family and friends is what the holidays are all about,” Dolly Parton said. “My Smoky Mountain Christmas festival at Dollywood is that special place where folks can do all of that while they make their memories and celebrate their own traditions with the ones they love. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.”

In addition to An Appalachian Christmas, Dollywood’s stages are set for holiday performances like Christmas in the Smokies, Christmas with the Kingdom Heirs, Dollywood’s Christmas on Ice!, O’ Holy Night, and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Come see Carol of the Trees, The Polar Express 4D Experience and the nightly Parade of Lights (through Dec. 23). Santa’s Workshop will be open until Dec. 23.

Dollywood’s Carol of the Trees

It’s a fact that there is no shortage of Christmas lights in Pigeon Forge this year, especially when you take in the millions of lights that make up the town’s Winterfest celebration each year. While it’s truly an amazing sight, there’s just something about Dollywood’s Carol of the Trees that makes it stand out among all the lights in the area every year.

Carol of the Trees begins at dusk among the millions of Christmas lights hung in and around Dollywood. Look for the trees surrounding Rivertown Lake as they take center stage in the evening. Thousands of lights on the trees join lighted toy soldiers and more in a celebration of music and lights. It’s a 15 minute show that you don’t want to miss at Dollywood.

During the Carol of the Trees show, holiday lights are synchronized with Christmas music and really creates a holiday show for the senses as some would say.

Dollywood’s Carol of the Trees is a part of Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas (Nov. 10 – Dec. 30), an annual event put on at Dollywood that features  over 4 million Christmas lights and includes shows you’ll remember from years past. Of course, one of the most talked about is Dolly Parton’s all-time favorite Christmas in the Smokies. Dollywood is a safe and fun place to bring the kids or the whole family this Christmas season. Stop by and take in a few, or even all of the performances put on by Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas.

Dollywood’s Christmas On Ice

Dollywood’s Christmas on Ice! is back again this year as a part of Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, which includes such popular shows as Carol of The Trees, Appalachian Christmas, and The Polar Express 4-D Experience.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas features a dazzling display of over 4 million colorful Christmas lights, holiday shows, and events aimed at highlighting such a magical time in the Smoky Mountains.

Dollywood’s Christmas on Ice! presents the Ice Theater of New York, the nation’s premier ice dance ensemble. The cast also includes six singers who perform a variety of Christmas favorites—“Snow,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” “O’ Come All Ye Faithful” and much more.

This festive indoor ice skating production showcases skaters performing daring spins, spirals and fancy footwork in a genuine ice rink that will be created and frozen on the stage of DP’s Celebrity Theatre. With colorful costumes, Dollywood’s Christmas on Ice evokes a magical sense of Christmastime pageantry and celebration.

Smoky Mountain Christmas invites guests to also enjoy more than 20 rides and attractions, from Dollywood’s award-winning Thunderhead and Mystery Mine coasters to Country Fair’s family rides.

Santa and his hardworking elves can be found in Santa’s Workshop until Dec. 23. Stop by and tell him what you really want for Christmas. In Santa’s Workshop, guests also find an incredible display of larger-than-life-sized toys! A very busy guy this time of year, Santa makes his way through the park each evening (weather permitting) in the much-loved Parade of Lights, where brightly colored floats are accompanied by a cast of fun characters. Plus, Aunt Granny’s restaurant hosts daily dining with Coca-Cola Santa through Dec. 23.

Dollywood is a 150-acre family adventure park located in Pigeon Forge, Tn at the footsteps of the Great Smoky Mountains. Dollywood itself is open 9 months out of the year from late March through December. The theme park offers guests over 40 rides and attractions; award-winning live entertainment featuring country, bluegrass, gospel and mountain music; and a number of East Tennessee crafters.

For more information, call 1-800-DOLLYWOOD or visit

Breakfast with Santa at the Old Mill

Join Santa Claus for breakfast at the Old Mill on December 1 and bring your Christmas wish list.

Kids! Here’s your chance to tell Santa Claus everything you need to tell him before he makes his magical Christmas Eve run. It’s Breakfast with Santa Claus at the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, December 1.

Children of all ages are welcome to share their hope and wishes with the man himself – Santa. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy one of the finest Southern=style breakfasts in the Smokies at the Old Mill Square. What more could any child ask for? Well, a new bike, video games, you get the picture.

The Old Mill is known around the region for its delicious country breakfasts of eggs, country ham, sausage, hickory smoked bacon, pancakes, and biscuits. And don’t forget their omelets. Choose from a cheese, vegetable, or Southern omelet.

Also located on the Old Mill premises is the Old Mill Pottery House Cafe & Grille, the Old Mill General Store, the Old Mill Pigeon River Pottery, the Old Mill Farmhouse Kitchen, the Old Mill Creamery, the Old Mill Candy Kitchen, the Old Mill Toy Bin, and Sassafras – the newest store and a unique shop featuring jewelry, apparel, purses, bags, hats, scarves and much more.

Since 1830, the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge has entertained and fed visitors the world over. It has become a true Smoky Mountain destination for those looking for great food, a wonderful shopping experience, and knowledge on the history of the Smoky Mountains. Guests can still watch meal and flour being ground by the water powered granite French Burhr in the mill just as they did it in the 1800s, or candy making, or new pottery thrown.

Additional information on the Old Mill’s Breakfast with Santa Claus can be obtained by calling 865-428-0771.