Pigeon Forge Lodging Tips

A list of tips for hotels, campground, RV Parks, chalets, and cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge, TN. Find the best places to stay in Pigeon Forge and how to get the best deals.

The Inside Pigeon Forge Getaway Giveaway contest provided a load of amazing tips for visiting Pigeon Forge. A large chunk was specifically Pigeon Forge Lodging Tips with all sorts of information about cabin rentals, chalets, campgrounds, hotels, RV parks, etc. The tips included the best places to stay, how to save money, the best spots to ask for at campgrounds, and more. The best Pigeon Forge lodging tips have been compiled below into one list with the authors’ forum names below each of their comments. If you plan on staying in Pigeon Forge, TN then you’ll want to read through these tips! If you plan on staying at a campground, be sure to check out our article with a list and tips for campgrounds in Pigeon Forge.

“We love to stay at the Hemlock Hills Cabins! They are absolutely luxurious and comfortable at the same time!”

“When visiting Pigeon Forge and traveling via the RV lifestyle one of the best campgrounds to visit is the RiverEdge Campground . It close enough to everything and far enough out that you do not feel crowded and as anyone knows that has an RV you cannot go wrong in a crowd of other campers.”

“There are lots of places to stay at great prices for the family, but for us big groups, we like to stay in the chalets. We stay at several chalets that are together and each troop has their own. That way we can cook some meals in and eat some meals out. They also enjoy the pool table, hot tub, and other things in the chalets.”

“If you are traveling to Pigeon Forge in a camper then I have a tip for you! We stayed at Creekside RV Park last year and we really liked it. Their website is http://www.creeksidervpark.com

The sites are kind of tight and may not be easy to get into. Other than that we liked the park. There are some sites on Walden Creek which runs behind the campground. There is a small playset for the children and also a basketball goal. There is a grassy area next to the creek where you can walk.

The trolley also picks up in this campground — directly from your site. You will have to transfer to another trolley at the main station but at least it gets you there.

This campground is not on the main strip so it is much quieter. Also, not far from the campground (about 18 miles) are some beautiful caverns that we visited. You use the same road that the campground is on to get there, IIRC. Here is the website: http://www.tuckaleecheecaverns.com

When taking a large group – rent a cabin instead of getting several motel rooms. I am a youth leader at my church, and at least once a year we take our youth (teenagers) to a religious convention in Gatlinburg, but we stay in Pigeon Forge. We have found that it is a much better idea to rent one cabin for 20 people rather than rent 5 motel rooms (cheaper too). The view from the cabins is awesome, and people are not one on top of the other. There are a lot of little spots were you can walk to and reflect on the world around you. Instead of going out for all our meals we have a big kitchen, and a grill, instead of spending a lot of time wondering around trying to entertain everyone, we get a cabin with a game room, hot tub, and tv/vcr/dvd players. This allows the youth to have their own space, but we don’t have to worry as much about where they are at. We rent the cabin from Hidden Mountain Resorts, we have stayed in two different ones and both were very nice, and the staff was wonderful.”

We rent the largest mountain cabin and everyone splits the cost; we usually spend $15 per night…that’s a great deal! Besides, this is the best way to spend quality time with family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Saving on accommodation expenses lets you enjoy all the attractions and events that Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg has to offer.”

We especially enjoyed National Parks Resort Lodge, Schular Inn, and Smokey Shadows in Pigeon Forge. In Gatlinburg we like to stay at Midtown Lodge. It’s right on the strip. We also stayed at Gatlinburg Inn, which is nice if you don’t have children. They are pretty picky about things…they wont let you bring in any food from the outside. So, no pizza or leftovers please. But it is a beautiful and very well maintained Inn. And the women that run it are wonderful. We faithfully used to stay at Ledwell Motel at stop light #8 in Gatlinburg but it has been bought out by Sidney James. We have not been back but I am sure it is just as nice as before. We just took that opportunity to try some new places. We were very fond of the owners of The Ledwell and the way it was maintained. I guess were afraid it won’t be the same…crazy I know. Any of the cabin rentals are a good bet. They are all so nice. We rented from Cove Mountain. There cabins are located anywhere from 10-20 minutes from Pigeon Forge. They are really nice and they don’t charge you all of the crazy fees that most of them do.”

We have stayed at Riverside Motor Lodge during these visits and have loved it there. The rooms are very clean and the service is great. Most of the rooms have a jacuzzi in the room and a fireplace, and the decor is not just the run of the mill motel drab. It is “homey” and very nice. It is located right in the middle of Parkway and is within walking distance of just about everything. The prices are very reasonable and even a lot less than some of the local places, even though they offer so much. There is a swimming pool also. Be sure to stay there if you go to Pigeon Forge. You will not be sorry.”

“We very seldom book our hotel room in advance . My tip would be to go there when there are no major events going on, and you’d be sure to find reasonably priced accommodation.”

We have stayed at the Mountain Breeze Motel during most of our trips. It’s clean and the rates are reasonable, and it’s nice sitting on the balcony at night watching all the traffic go by. You can get some great deals online, and from coupon books, some even give you free nights if you stay so many days.”

“We make a reservation at one of the beautiful cabins, my favorite was the cabins at Mountain Top. Beautiful views and close to everything.”

If you have other tips for places to stay in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee then please share them in the comment section below! Also, be sure to check out the top 10 Gatlinburg hotels list.

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  1. my family and I enjoy visiting Pigeon Forge Tn.. every chance we get . Every season is a beautiful time there.. there is so much to do and see.. weather you are out for shopping. dining, go cart racing, dollywood, national park, cades cove, horse back riding, rafting, 4 wheeling , helicopter rides, musems , or just sitting back on an quite cozy cabin porch soaking up the mountain views and the fesh mountain air… it is the best place to visit… we enjoy it so much… Sunset Cottages has alot of cabins to offer that are so comfortable you wont want to leave . Some other cabin rentals that I have tried and recomend is : aunt bugs, cove mountain, Heritage cabin rentals, to name a few. If youve never been please give it a try . I bet you wont want to leave either..!!!

  2. The Norma Dan Hotel has been our main stay for years , They are very courteous and helpful, and the rates are most competetive for the area, the rooms are clean and always well stocked.The employees are professional when delivering good service.

  3. I have no tips, but do have a question for those “out there”. When we travel we like to take our pet dog with us and would like recommendations for pet friendly motels, etc. Do most allow the pet to stay in the rooms while the owner is gone so that “fido” is not in a too warm car during the day? Do most still offer maid service if the dog is left in the room (if allowable) within a “cage”? Would appreciate any help you can give. We are planning a trip to the Pigeon Forge area this month and need to make the very best arrangements possible for our dog.

  4. We found one hotel that we love and they take our dogs. Americas Best Value Inn behind the Golden Corral takes pets and is very clean, reasonable prices, and great service. The lady who manages it remembered us after 6 months!

  5. We stay at the Ramada Inn, the one with a convention center at the end of the Pigeon Forge strip. They allow pets and have confortable rooms and reasonable rates. We go every year.

  6. My 3 kids and fiance spent Oct.11 thru Oct. 14 at Riverside Motor Lodge in Pigeon Forge. Its was perfect. 2 rm. suite with kitchen..It worked out great. The stay was the best we ever had. We’ve stayed at other hotels in the area, nothing compared to Riverside Motor Lodge. We plan on vising again.

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