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Get info, coupons, and discounts for the Wilderness at the Smokies resort in Sevierville, TN. The new Wilderness Resort in Sevierville features waterparks, events centers, shops, restaurants, and more. See why the Wilderness Resort is the best hotel in Sevierville, TN!

If you’re looking for a place to stay during your next vacation to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, TN and would like to stay somewhere that isn’t right in the middle of either town, then the new Wilderness at the Smokies resort in Sevierville, TN may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Wilderness resort describes itself as “Rustic mountain-modern charm with world-class amenities”. This luxury resort in the Smoky Mountains is a perfect destination for couples, families, and even corporate retreats. It is definitely one of the best hotels Sevierville has to offer…if not the best hotel in Sevierville, TN…and maybe even Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg as well!

The Wilderness at the Smokies resort features two types of lodging in their Stone Hill Lodge and River Lodge. The Stone Hill Lodge is connected to the Sevierville Events Center and one of the outdoor waterparks and offers 240 hotel rooms in a variety of styles to choose from. The River Lodge is connected to the indoor water park as well as one of the outdoor waterparks and features over 400 upscale suites with fully furnished kitchens, fireplaces and unlimited access to the waterparks and amenities.

By now you’re probably wondering what all of this talk about “waterparks” is. Well, the Wilderness at the Smokies resort features plenty of water park activities that will keep your family entertained possibly the entire time you’re in town! The 60,000 square foot Wild WaterDome is the largest indoor waterpark in the area. Inside the waterpark you’ll find a wave pool, surf rider, waterslide, 2 tube slides, and a multi-level play feature with lots of water activities. The roof is clear so you can get a tan all year long!

The indoor waterpark at the Wilderness resort isn’t the only place to have fun in the water. There are two other waterparks outside as well! The Salamander Springs waterpark is 40,000 square feet of waterslides, activities, toddler area, and a huge hot tub. The other waterpark, Lake Wilderness Outdoor Waterpark, is set to open in the summer of 2009. Stay tuned for details on that! Be sure to call before you book your vacation to verify the waterpark open hours and days. The best part is…admission to the waterparks is included in your hotel stay!

So what if you don’t like water? Fortunately, there are a ton of other things to do at the Wilderness Resort in Sevierville, TN. If you’re planning a corporate event, the Wilderness Event Center Hotel (Stone Hill Lodge) is the perfect setting for your conference, wedding reception, seminar, retreat, or any other large gathering. The Eagles Landing golf course is right around the corner and is the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon. Also available are restaurants and retail shops all within walking distance. There is literally something for everyone in the family packed into this one resort. While it is a short drive to Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and the Smoky Mountains, you may just find yourself staying at the Wilderness hotel in Sevierville, TN the entire time!

If you would like more information, visit their website at:

Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville, TN
1424 Old Knoxville Highway
Sevierville, TN 37862
(877) 325-WILD

If you’re looking for coupons or discounts for Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville, then be sure to check out their official page for special packages and discounts. They have special discounts on suites as well as military discounts. They also run special offers for attractions such as Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN as well. So check out the Wilderness Resort coupons and discounts at:

If you have stayed at the Wilderness at the Smokies Resort, please share your review in the comments section below! Also, be sure to check out our list of the best hotels in Pigeon Forge, TN and our list of Pigeon Forge cabins for more lodging options in the Smoky Mountains.

34 thoughts on “Wilderness Resort in Sevierville TN”

  1. We just got back from the park last Sunday. All I can say is DONT GO! Waste of money. There is still construction going on and was awoke at 7 am two mornings in a row to the sound of men drilling, sawing and heavy machinery. Not once was I informed the resort was still under construction nor my room would be over looking the water park being built in the middle of the resort. The rooms and building is nice enough, but the customer service was lacking, food way overpriced, unappetizing and security was a joke. My two year old was ran over by two teenage boys running through the toddle area in the water park. My older son started to chase the boys down and was yelled at by a young punk Lifeguard. Nothing was done about the boys who knocked my baby down but my son was threaten with removal. Then that night (Fri) there were about 100 kids on our floor running up and down the hallway screaming, laughing and get this, wrestling outside my door at 12:30 pm. We called the front desk and was told security had been notified and were on there way. They must have been in Gatlinburg because they finally showed up 40 minutes later after me and 3 other pissed off fathers were in the hall telling the kids we were calling the police if they didn’t shut up and get into their rooms. The next morning I asked to speak to a manager. A 20 something year old kid named Ryan came out to talk to me. No help and I was more pissed off than when I went to talk to him.

    So after spending close to 800 bucks for three nights, I was more tired checking out than when I checked in. Then we were told the resort was closing down for a Fire Marshal inspection at 12 noon after we were told at check in we could use the water park the day of checkout until closing as it was part of the fee charged to stay at the resort.


  2. Thanks for your advice, but you’ve not said anything different that doesn’t happen at most other places. That’s just how crazy other people are these days. No matter where you go or stay, they’re everywhere!

  3. I couldn’t agree more…. My family spent last weekend at Wilderness…. The whole place is run by rude, uncaring kids that know nothing about customer service…

    The front desk staff was the most pathetic crew I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with.

    Nice facility- Terrible Staff and Service.

  4. Hi, We went to the wilderness in the month of May, 2009. It was so nice, and the employees went out of their way for us. My bathing suit (expensive one) was missing within our resort room, which was very odd. I reported to housekeeping and then spoke with security. That evening the office staff had my swimsuit. I guess I would never had seen it if I hadn’t spoken up, but what impressed me was the security and staff, how they handled the situation! Our stay was fabulous, waterparks were Awesome, resturaunt-Awesome, Staff-Awesome,
    Shuttle Ride-Awesome, My family we will definitly be back!!
    Thank You Wilderness at the Smokies. A+A+A+A+A+A+

  5. we went earlier this year and are planning a spur of the moment trip back there in a week or so. we loved this place! our kids were amazed and are excited to return. the staff was so helpful when we were there before. our room was always clean and no one bothered my laptop that i left in the room. i can’t wait to be back in the hot tub and in the wave pool!

  6. I went with my family back in October, and it was great. I figured it would be like any other hotel with a water slide, but no. My daughter(19), son(12), and his friend(11) managed to keep me in the water park for 9-10 hours! HOURS! I couldn’t believe it! Just as good as Splash Country. Rooms were great and not very badly priced either! I’m actually planning another trip right now for next month.

  7. We spent 3 days there in July 2009 and we had a really nice time. The down fall for us was the distance from our room to the pools and the cost of the stay. It was steep in the price of the stay plus the waterpark part did not stay open very late. By time you got back from the strip they we’re closing this pools. This was a downer for the kids. They loved the workout room on our floor.
    But they need cheaper prices so you can enjoy your stay. The staff when we were there were very nice young but knew a lot about what they were about.

  8. We visited the wilderness in june 2009. We had a group of about 15 and everyone had something that they wanted to do once we got to pigeon forge everyone was ready to go out on the strip, but once we got to the resort we didn’t leave! The entire group stayed at the waterparks for the entire three days. Everyone had a blast! We will definately be back for many years to come. The staff was great! Really nice rooms. I would recommend staying here.

  9. Our Family stayed two nights here. We paid half the bill through online reservations with our debit card. Upon check in we paid the remaining balance in cash. We really enjoyed the water amenities! My only complaints about waterpark woudl be: not enough tubes for people in the lazy river. The jets hot tub in the waterdome did not work all day on 7/17/10. After 6 hours floating, swimming, sliding, etc… we came back to our room, checked our bank account and discovered that they had charged our debit card for a nights stay. We go to the front desk, explain our complaint. We are told that it will be added back to our bank account in a few days and to go enjoy the park. Their explanation and apology for the inconvience wasn’t heartfelt and almost rude! We go back to our room and decide to order room service for dinner. We call and are told to dial extention xxx. So we call and the person answered the phone couldn’t tell us how much the meals were. WTF??? They tell us to call another extention to place our order and that ext will be able to tell us prices. We call a THIRD extention and it’s an answering machine!!!!! We left a message and waited. NO ONE returned our call!!! Finally at 10:30 pm we decide to drive up to Burger king!! How disappointing! The morning of check out we are excited about the day. Get our things gathered up and get our swimsuits on. Go to leave the room and the express check out envelope is hanging on our door. Inside is a bill for another nights charges!!!!!!!! We check our bank account again and our debit card has been charged too! We go back down to the front desk and again apologies and explanation is not heartfelt! So it ended up costing us 1000.00 for two nights stay. We’ll be waiting for them to post our remaning $500.00 to our bank account. So needless to say, we didn’t get to enjoy our last evening or our last morning at the resort because they have Idiots working at the front desk! I am very disappointed in this resort and their staff.

  10. I took my son for an overnite visit in June 2010. My son had a great time while we were there. My complaint is that when we got to our room and there were several dead bugs in the floor by the window. First of all….$200 a night and you have dead bugs in the floor?? Not Good! That night I leaned over to turn off the light on the night stand and my eyes landed on a condom wrapper in the floor…again, NOT good at all! When I told the front desk, they said they would credit my room $50 for my trouble. They gave me a reciept and I went on my way. When I received my credit card statement…I didn’t have a credit on my room, so I called the wilderness and left a message for someone in the accounting dept. They never returned my call. I pulled out the reciept they gave me to find they had credited someone elses room not mine. After leaving messages for 4 different people, several times over 3 weeks I started leaving the message that I was coming by there to get my credit…I got a call back in 2 minutes. Evidently they didn’t want me to vist them. Then they had to investigate and call the lady whose name was on my reciept to make sure I wasn’t lying! After another day, I got a call saying my account was gonna be credited. That was actually yesterday….my online statement doesn’t show a credit yet. Needless to say, I am very frustrated with this establishment!!!

  11. I just got back Wednesday. I had fall break at school and my church went for a youth trip. We had so much fun but we were only there for three days. We plan to go back next year and stay longer!! Cant wait!!

  12. I got 2 words for you..OVER PRICED. If service and accommodations are worth the price, i have no complaints. BUT NOT SO WITH WILDERNESS IN THE SMOKIES. I have never been treated so badly in all my resort stays!! I left crying with the kids who had belongings stolen and not a single good night rest. Staff were not caring and even acted like I was a burden, as with my problems.

  13. I had planned on taking my granddaughters & their friends to this water resort . However, after reading all the problems and frustration people are having. I now think I will go to the Great Wolfe Lodge. I had planned on staying two nights starting Sunday the 31st of Oct. Sounds like this is not a place for my family.

  14. The management is the worst here. The male manager and male security busted in our door at 11:30pm while I was bathing my daughter because we had a small dog in our room. We were unaware that dogs were not allowed and he told me to come out while my daughter was standing there nude and when I shut the door to dress my daughter, he called the police to have us evicted, at midnight!!! It was a nightmare vacation that I’m sure my 4 year old daughter will not soon forget. On top of that, it was Christmas!! What the hell is wrong with those people. Is everyone in Sevierville as arrogant as that SOB manager on duty?? I know the staff seemed miserable and I overheard a conversation where a staff member could not come in because the roads were iced, but the management wanted them to come anyway. It is apparent that the management at this company could care less about anyone but his ego.

  15. Well I was going to take my wife and Daughter and 4 of my Grandchildren to this resort in JAN.2011 for a 2 night stay along with my Granddaughters Birthday Party but after reading all of the comments on this website I think I will look for another place. Work to hard to just blow money at a resort where people own & work that do not care about helping & keeping their customers Happy and not doing what they advertise. Sounds like this place may be out of business if things don’t change!!!!!

  16. wow!!! I’m REALLY glad I read these reviews! I was planning on booking a 5day stay to this hotel in June 2011 for my family of 4, which would have cost over $1000.00!!! Guess I’ll be looking elsewhere!!

  17. This place is great! Don’t listen o a few people that have had some problems. Every business is going to have a few bad apples that make them look bad. I have stayed 3 times since they opened and have always left having a great time. My kids can’t wait to come back and ask every week when they will get to stay again. The rates are high, but well worth it considering you get all the waterparks included. I stayed 2 weeks ago for 4 nights and loved every minute of it. I had one problem, which was quickly handled by the housekeepers and front-desk.


  18. I have stayed at Wilderness resort my past 2 summers and recently for a fall church event. Some of these complaints are made up by disgruntled visitors, especially about the dog. I tried to check in with my pet and the receipt you sign clearly states: No Pets allowed. The front desk even went as far as to suggest kennels/pet spas for my dog to stay! Very nice! The staff is very helpful and accommodates me (im in a wheelchair) with no problem. It is a little pricey compared to the other hotels, but the free waterpark makes up for it. Great Wolf is a nice place, but does not compare!

  19. Wilderness is a joke. Personally i choose West Gate Resorts which is located on “the spur” in Gatlinburg TN. It has a true view of the Great Smoky Mountains. With an indoor waterpark and it being located in between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, it is the perfect destination. The staff here is awesome and it is all worth it.

  20. Man, I’m glad that I read these reviews because I was about to make reservations for my daughters 16th birthday! My brother and his family has already paid their money but I think we are going somewhere else for my daughters birthday.

  21. Honestly, to everyone with negative comments and concerns, I think you just have to see for yourself. Everyone has a different experience and it really is worth trying it out to see. I’m actually a lifeguard at the Wilderness, and went through intense training just to make sure you and your family is always safe. Throughout training we were constantly discussing how the guests come first. We really do try to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible, and I know I take my job very seriously to ensure safety to all. Don’t let one bad experience or bad reviews keep you staying at such remarkable resort!

  22. This was the BEST trip my family has ever been on! We spent 3 days last summer, and we are booking a 4 day trip this June. I have a 3 and 5 year old and they had the time of their lives. The slides were awesome! and plenty of kiddie sized fun!I was most impressed with the hotel staff and the cleanliness of the rooms and the waterpark. Best of all, our room backed up to the lazy river. We could leave our room and go straight to the outdoor water park as well.This is our familys favorite destination. I hope the dissatisfied customers do not scare anyone off, and I hope they reported their unhappiness with the staff so that the problems could be resolved. Lastly, who thinks that animals are allowed at a waterpark any way!

  23. I have already booked a room for 3 nights at Stone Hill.
    I am worried if I made the right choice for my family.
    I am extremely worried….

  24. My husband and I have been here 2 times. First time was in Feb 2009. The trip was amazing! We had so much fun and so did our 5 children. I did think the room was a little over priced for what you got. Our second trip was in Sept 2010. and what a nightmare!!!! We had raved to our family what a great place this was. Well we now look like liers. 17 of us went, and for the money we paid, we should have been treated like the Queen of England. Insted all we got was rude service and they are clueless as to anything that is going on, dirty rooms, credit card charged 2 times more then what it is suppose to be, and I seriously think that the only adult working in that entire place was the grupy old man that drove the bus. Don’t waste your time and money going here!!!!

  25. ok really glad I read this I was booking a two night trip for my family this weekend but now I think I’ll keep looking around

  26. ok we ended up going despite all the bad reveiws ,we had such a great time and it goes to show you don’t put stock on other peoples opinion, we stayed at stone resort still just as nice as the river resort but a lot cheaper, anyway everyone was so nice ,it was very clean the staff was wonderful,and we never even left the resort(except for food) kinda high I honestly couldn’t have ask for more,we are already planning our next stay.so if you are on the fence because of all the bad reviews go try it out for yourself .I went in with a negative attitude and left feeling great.

  27. My family has been there 2 times and have had wonderful service! Food is pricey, but where isn’t it, with so many restaruants close by it is no big deal. We had a full kitchen so we drove by the grocery store and made breakfast and snacks in the room which is a huge money saver. We ordered room service each time and it wasn’t horribly overpriced and the food was fine. We had a second bathroom which was great for our group of seven. The kids in our group were 13, 10 and 7 and they had a blast. Kids loved the pottery place and the arcade. We vacation several times a year and this is one of the kids favorites so far.

  28. We stayed for a 4 day, 3 night winter vayk and it was awesome! I am so glad i did not read these reviews and brought my family b/c we had a blast! Room was clean and amenities were great!

  29. i hear its great were going next week hope all yall are right i think it has a indoor water park i can,t wait my kids will be siked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    brandy mollison

  30. I am going here for the first time In 2 weeks with 2 friends and my grandma most likely only staying for 2 days. Is all the waterparks unlimited with your reservation?

  31. Do you have to spent the night at the hotel to go to the indoor water park? Or can you just buy tickets to the water park only ?

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