2013 Spring Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge

Information on the massive 2012 Spring Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee including registration info, phone numbers, dates, where to stay, etc during one of the largest car shows in Pigeon Forge…the 2012 Rod Run.

Metal and Chrome will shine on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge April 19th through 21st for the 2013 Grand Spring Rod Run. Cars, cars and more cars! From shiny, chromed-up, vintage models to the unique fixer-upper, there will be cars to look at, cars to drool over and cars to buy. Being one of the largest car shows in the southeast it should not be missed; all gearheads need to attend. With thousands of cars to look at and admire, vendors from all over the country, and a parade of cars on the strip each evening that never seems to end, this is the car show to end all cars shows.

Starting at traffic light No. 3 in Pigeon Forge and running almost all the way down the Parkway, cars are parked in every available parking space facing the road. Literally thousands of cars. My suggestion is park and walk both sides, you don’t want to miss a thing. You can see cars of every description, especially cherry, vintage, American steel: ’58 Corvettes parked next to Model Ts; a ’55 Bel-Air parked next to a ’38 Studebaker Bus. It is a car museum spread out before your eyes. But one of the nicest things is that the owners of these cars will be sitting near them. Look for the lawn chairs near the car and they can tell you everything from where they got it, to what they have done to it and with it. They love to tell the story of their car. Be prepared for humor, heartbreak and high jinks. The cars start rolling in on Tuesday and Wednesday but by Friday the ‘gallery’ is packed. After you have had at least your first fill of the cars go visit the vendors booths.

Each year the Grand Rod Run brings in vendors from all over the country. You will see vendor booths, sponsor booths and demonstrations of all sorts. If you like the mechanical end of the car industry, get ready to spend hours and hours around the vendors booths. From Hunter’s Custom Automotive to Ausley’s Chevelle, Camaro Central to ET Motorgear you will find professionals who know how to keep your car running or how to take your car from nice to fabulous. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers that may make your car pain your car passion. Once you have gotten your fill from the vendors, head back to the strip.

The parade of cars is continuous but, especially at night, you will get to experience the excitement of the car show. There is an almost constant parade of cars as the owners fire up their machines and cruise the strip. You will see the same cars that you were looking at earlier rumbling up and down the streets of Pigeon Forge. Thousands of pounds of steel, chrome and glass doing what they were meant to do… cruise. The sight is like taking a step back in time. So, journey to the past with the Grand Spring Rod Run in April. Relive those times in the past and share those memories with your family.

It just doesn’t get much bigger nor action-packed than this. The Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run is the first of the big three car shows that literally take over Pigeon Forge every year. The other two car shows are Shades of the Past and the Fall Grand Rod Run. Call it a hat-trick, tri-fecta, or three’s a charm…but these three shows are definitely the ones to see! Add in the Sevierville Spring Corvette Expo & Auction March 22 & 23 and you have classic car lover’s paradise in the Smokies. If you want to be a spectator, participant, or even a car show vendor then we have all of the information you need.

Pigeon Forge Spring Grand Rod Run Information:

When: April 19-21, 2013
Where: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Official Spring Grand Rod Run Registration for participants as well as vendors

  • Participants:
    30 Days Before Event = $30
    Within 30 Days of Event = $40
  • Vendors:
    Outside Space (9×16) = $135
    Inside Space (10×10) = $155
    Sales Corral = $75

For more information about any of the Grand Rod Runs, contact:
MCS Promotions
Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm EST

Hotels associated with the Pigeon Forge Rod Run:
(This is not a recommendation of these hotels…these are simply the places affiliated with the event. To see our recommendations, visit our list of the best hotels in Pigeon Forge)

Family Inns of America – West
3114 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Family Inns of America – East
3785 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, Tenn

Family Inns of America – North
3239 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, Tenn

Family Inns of America – South
4112 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, Tenn

Family Inns of America – Twin Malls
2647 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN
865-429-2244 or 800-251-4444

Grand Inns of America
3206 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
865-453-0056 or 800-247-8282

Smoky Shadows Motel and Conference Center
4215 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
865-453-7155 or 800-282-2121

Again, For more information about the Spring Grand Rod Run or the Fall Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, contact:
MCS Promotions
Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm EST

For a list of all car shows in Pigeon Forge, be sure to check out our Pigeon Forge Car Show Schedule. You may also want to see our list of the best hotels in Pigeon Forge as well Pigeon Forge cabin rentals. Also check out the best restaurants in Pigeon Forge. Finally, if some shoppers are coming to town with you, score some points and give them our list of the best coupons for Pigeon Forge.

Have fun and enjoy the Spring Grand Rod Run 2013 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee !

46 thoughts on “2013 Spring Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge”

  1. The Spring Rod Runs are awesome. My family and I always take vacation in April so we can come to Pigeon Forge to enjoy the Rod Runs. Can’t wait until the 18th. See ya there.

  2. We have been going to the Grand Rod Run since 1984-they have only gotten bigger and better through the years. Our children have grown up going to the Rod Runs.

  3. We have be going to the rod runs for several years now. We love all the excitement. It is better every year and we can’t wait to see you on the 18th.

  4. My family and I just love the car show and can’t wait until the 18th to see all the different cars this year.

  5. My family attended the ’70 Rod Run and loved it! We are looking forward to this year’s as well. I especially like the fact that there is such a varity of cars and not just one make. The show has grown a lot since the 80’s and it is great.

  6. The first time I came to Tennessee, back in 2001, my aunt, my mother-in-law and myself (we called ourselves The Golden Girls) saw some classic cars and hot rods going down the interstate. One of them had a Coke wagon and I wanted to see if indeed it had seats on the side…I tried to catch up, but they drive much faster than I do. However, we decided to stop in Chattanooga and who was at the Cracker Barrel with their cars…the same ones we tried to catch up with on the interstate. My mother-in-law found them and introduced herself and they just happened to be from Milton and Pensacola (nearby to where we live). We still talk about this experience and how much fun it was. I have never been to a Spring Rod Run and I am thinking seriously about coming next week.


  7. Is this only a parade of these cars up and down the main drag or is there an area where they are parked for viewing? I’m going and just wonder what to expect?

  8. We just returned from the spring Grand Rod Run. It was awesome! Can’t wait till the fall show!

  9. we try to make them every year. its a great show with lots of cars to be sold and traded and admired.lots of great scenery and vendors and things to do.great family getaway to have a little fun.something great to get the kids into as well.we will see ya therein 2009.

  10. Becky, dont worry, they are parked from one end to the other, and parade is not the word for it, are you in for a treat
    see you there

  11. I have never been to the grand rod run, but my husband & his brother have been the last two years.My husband is taking me this year. I’m really excited about going. We’re taking the whole week for vacation.we just got a 72 corvette to restore.It will be ready next year to drive up.

  12. My husband and I are bringing another couple and we are coming to the rod run this year. This is our first year and we are so excited. My husband is buying a 1929 Ford Coupe and we hope to bring it in a future rod run. We are from Wise, VA.

  13. I love rod runs, i dont live to far away either, from morristown that is. I love all the car events, even layd out at the park. cant wait for this weekend!!!!!!!

  14. this spring rod run was prob tha best one ive ever been to it was terriffic i seen a lot of nice hot rods

  15. i want to attend the car show in September and I have a pet.
    Are pets allowed? Of course he will be on a leash…He weighs 5 pounds and we have hygiene takien care of.

    please respond \\thanks

  16. Pets are okay on leashes, in fact, you will see quite alot of them! I hope everyone has their reservations for this year, they are becoming harder and harder to find now! A word of advice, make reservations before you go, it is nearly impossible to find anything once you get there. And, if you do, they will want to charge you an arm and a leg! Can’t seem to find any hotels left, but I did come across a cabin rental company called Accommodations by Parkside that has some availability left: http://www.prcabins.com. The cabins look nice.

  17. Hi my wife and i love old cars, and have always been leaving Tennesse before car shows. C an you give me dates for the grand rod run IN APRIL ? aND A MOTEL WITH A BALCONY THAT WE CAN ADMIRE THE CARS FROM?

  18. I’ve been every year since the late 90’s and my family has been going since the 80’s. We go every spring and fall and I love it! I’m headed out tomorrow up there for the Spring!

  19. Alright everybody. This is one of the most diverse events out there. A lot of these comments make it sound like this is suppose to be indoor or something. ITS NOT. You can walk up and down for about four miles and EVERY parking lot is filled with amazing classic and new cars. Most of the locals (me) have our own way. We ride around in the beds of lifted trucks and make noise rev our engines. Black smoke. Burn em. Its like one giant party in the streets of pigeon forge. Its a redneck truck off. A classic car display. A great time all around. And it lasts up until 4 in the morning. Your free to walk your dog. Its a public sidewalk spanning miles. And a lot of people will be drunk, among other things, so don’t be afraid to cut loose. Don’t expect to be bored, but don’t expect to be a quiet observer. Everyone is your best friend at the rod runs. ;)

  20. O! And enjoy your stay in the great smokey mountains. Full of good hard working people, the friendliest all around as well. And a healthy love of vehicles. Come enjoy the empire Dolly built. lol


  22. The Rod Runs are a great way to spend a weekend. I’m a local and work right on the main strip and get to work every Rod Run and Car Show. Don’t let some of the post scare you, while there is some drinking for the most part it is a family friendly, relatively mild celebration of cars and the love of them. While some parking lots are first come first served for your classic cars, the Red Roof Mall right on the strip allows the Marines to sell their prime spots for every run. You can reserve your spot AND all the money raised goes for Toys for Tots! The Rod Runs are great fun and we love our Rod Runners!

  23. You could change the blog name 2010 Spring Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, TN – HUGE Car Show to something more generic for your web page you create. I enjoyed the writing all the same.

  24. I have been to the spring rod run for two years ,it’s been great,my only regret is that we stayed at the grand and it’s bad. Where is a good place to stay and watch the cars cruise from a balcony?.

  25. we go to rod run every year and LOVE IT!!! Booking a room is hard,but worth the money. ROD RUN IS AMAZING!!

  26. just look out for the cops. our son got a ticket for his music being too loud…….. at a event where hot rods go up and down the street burning rubber with NO mufflers. some are race ready and wouldn’t pass a vehicle inspection anywhere in THE WORLD. and they wonder why there’s no respect for the law. i could go on and on but this is about the rod run.

  27. be to the spring rod run for many years and LOVE it cant wait until this year most especially me and my honey Gary
    is going up for the car show and taking our Harleys and ride the roads in style see yall there

  28. me and my brother in law live in maryville so we always take betty…..she is a 65 red mustang…cant wait were also taking our blue jeep……its a blast……….everyone who hasn’t been is definitely if for a treat but beware cops don’t like people to have fun up there

  29. I have been goin to this show for 20 years and its the same every year the best show. I have been to shows in a lot of states and I can’t have the fun I do at the rod run. The best part are the cars goin up and down the street thumping the smell of the fuel and the burning tires. It’s one show ill go to every year. It’s a must see.

  30. this weekend at rod run was the best one yet i dont know who was there but im the driver of the black V8 S10 with a bunch of people in the back and one sitting in a recliner just wondering if anyone took pics of us and there was alot of nice cars

  31. just got back from the rod run and it was a hoot and hats off to the police dept.Saw them defuse what could have been a big fight.Stop a motorcycle from riding on the sidewalk.Even keep some kids from falling out of a truck.I am glad they do what they do. Been going off and on for 10 years.The reason its so good.Simple the town of Pigeon Forge and all of there staff.From vendors to the restaurant workers everyone seems to be having a great time.I have never got home and said oh it was all right.

  32. i just wanted everyone to know about our experience this spring i have been going to the rod run twice a year for the last ten years. we have always stayed at the creekstone inn and always had a good experience until this spring we took my 1982 trans-am that i don’t drive anywhere but to some shows its been completely redone and i took my truck that i pull it with the were both in the parking garage due to the weather it was supposed to hail that nite but it just lightly rained at one that morning everything was fine i was woke up at three that morning by a guest not the hotel but a guest that my cars were under two and a half feet of water . now i understand that stuff happens but what followed shouldn’t i contacted the parent company wanting my money back they said it wouldn’t be a problem then it never showed back up they then told me that they pay to fix the cars they didn’t then it was we will help you with future reservations guess what that didn’t work either now they like to hang up on you ignore you piss you off and was just generally rude i would like to save the next person the trouble stay away from creekstone inn and anything owned by smokey mountain resorts . feel free to contact me at gentles.chevys@yahoo.com or facebook if you was one of the guest from that nite let me know

  33. My wife and I and our friends go to spring and fall shows I’ve been going for 35 years imbuilding a 72 nova hope to get to drive it to the show April 2014 everybody needs to check out the shows in pigeon forge if it’s just for the day bring the kids they will have a blast to

  34. been going to the spring and fall rod runs in pigeon forge since the 80’s love it cant wait to go in a couple of weeks , but I’d like to voice my opinion and probably a lot of peoples opinion that they are gonna have to do something with the PARTY CROWD ! the people that DONT OWN A CLASSIC CAR have NO RESPECT for old cars and just go to the rod runs TO THROW BEADS AND BLOCK TRAFFIC SO THE OLD CAR CANT CRUISE ! when I first went to pigeon forge in the 80’s thur fri and sat nite was bumper to bumper hot rods and classic car as far as u could see ,, it has got so bad I was in a store and overheard two teenage boys talking about something called a GRAND RUN ? and that they could see girls pull their shirts up if you throw them some beeds ! they did not eve know what the GRAND RUN WAS ! but they were gonna go for THE PARTY !
    pigeon forge THIS HAS GOT TO BE FIXED ! or the car people will leave and not come back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  35. Spring and Fall Rod Run are the greatest ever. Each year more and more classic cars come and show what has worked on and polished all winter. This year with the Family Inns all closing may put create a problem with housing of the guest in downtown PG..But hope that everyone comes and has a good time. Don’t the proody non car lovers run the Rod Run out of PG.

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