Dixie Stampede Dinner Show

An insider’s review and tips for The Dixie Stampede Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge, TN. Find out how to get Dixie Stampede coupons, when to go, where to sit, what to expect, and how to save money at the Dixie Stampede!

Horse at Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge

Welcome to Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge! A fun-filled, action-packed dinner show in Pigeon Forge, TN! It’s the perfect place for families, friends and groups to gather for spectacular special effects and amazing stunts by the most talented performers in the area. It’s the only place that brings together stunning performers, amazing horse feats, fantastic stunt riders, magic and audience participation with a delicious four-course dinner extravaganza for one amazing price! Plus, you won’t want to miss our exciting opening act in the Carriage Room one hour before the main show. It’s all part of our Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge adventure!

The Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show in Pigeon Forge, TN is one of the most popular dinner shows in Pigeon Forge. It has been here for many years and has remained arguably the one dinner show that families visit each time they come to this area.

Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge Coupons

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About the Dixie Stampede Show

Dixie Stampede Pre-show

  • Arrive 45 minutes before showtime to see the pre-show in the Carriage Room. There is a bluegrass band playing and they serve some fruity, non-alcoholic drinks and peanuts.
  • Sit upstairs – The doors that you eventually enter the theater through are upstairs!
  • The last song is “Rocky Top” so you can start making your way to the red curtain when they start playing it! But remember, you do have assigned seats, so you don’t have to rush!

Dixie Stampede Dinner

The Dixie Stampede Dinner includes:

  • Whole Rotisserie Chicken
  • Barbecued Pork Loin
  • Creamy Vegetable Soup
  • Biscuit
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Herb-basted Potato
  • Apple Pie
  • Unlimited Pepsi, tea or coffee

Dixie Stampede Show

  • The theater is split into two sides…a North and South side. The whole point of the show is that the two side compete to “settle” the “Civil War” once and for all.
  • The Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge always has talented riders in their cast that does some amazing tricks. This is arguably the best part of the show.
  • There is a lot of audience participation, so be ready to clap, stomp your feet, blow flyin’ raspberries, stand up & salute, throw toilet seats, ride horses, race pigs, etc.

If you’re looking for things to do in Pigeon Forge or places to eat, then the Dixie Stampede is a perfect place for you as it satisfies both. It’s one of the best Pigeon Forge Dinner Shows to visit.

Have you ever visited before? Leave your comments below to let us know what you thought of the show!

22 thoughts on “Dixie Stampede Dinner Show”

  1. I found a great source for Dixie Stampede Discount Tickets (and no fears of having to take a time share tour) They just sell tickets, and you can pick them up right at Dixie Stampede, http://www.DixieStampede-Tickets.com check it out. We ordered on-line, and we got an email confirmation, seats were great, I’ll surely use them again.

  2. I really enjoyed the Dixie Stampede and would recommend it to anyone. The insider is wrong. I have been almost every year (which is about 6 years) and they have changed it. The running of the buffalos is amazing. If you have never seen buffalos they seem almost 3D, but they are real! I had to check out the ground to see their hoof prints to be sure. I do agree that the food is very good. The singing needs to be live though it is very obvious that they are previously taped. I tell everyone to go and see this show. It is worth the money and you will go away happy and full!

    thanks DOLLY..you are a wonderful person and after I saw you on american Idol it made me love you more!
    you are not afraid to stand up for JESUS and that makes me proud to spend my money at your dixie stampede … it is a wonderful family show and you can feel great about being there…the food is awesome and the cast is wonderful and the servers are fantastic…and having the audience included in the show makes it GREAT…..thanks…tammy

  4. I love this palce I can’t wait till our return the end of May. Their soup is the greatest!

  5. The Food is so great at Dixie Stampede. I visit there 1 or 2 times a year. This is a must when planning your trip to Pigeon Forge. It is good family fun with Dinner and a Show.

  6. I just went to this show on Sunday. It was very nice. A little on the expensive side. But worth it in my opinion. My favorite part was the blue-grass band that played in the Carriage Room. They were really good and funny. You need to arrive approx. 45 minutes before the show to see them. Overall, we had a good experience at this show.

  7. I just wanted to say the Dixie Stampede was a really great show. I thought it was a bit pricey until we got our food. The food and the show was great. I would reccomend to any family looking for clean wholesome fun.

  8. I have been to Tenn twice & the Dixie stampede was at the top of our list. My family loves going. It is the best & cleanest entertainment you could ever find. The show is the greatest & the food is awesome no matter what the cost is. It is worth every penny. Will always go as long as it is open!!

  9. Buffalo? What buffalo? We saw longhorn cattle but no buffalo.
    Definitely a show worth seeing. We went as part of a church group (the church arranged for tickets beforehand and got a group discount) and there was a lot of audience participation involved.
    The food is good but messy-I brought my own moist towlettes in addition to the one that they give you after the meal. You’ll probably need the carryout bag that they offer-the whole chicken is a lot for one person to handle. They had barbeque sauce (probably meant for the pork), but I didn’t see any ranch dressing or ketchup. It was pretty good on the chicken and the potato. The biscuit is good dipped in the soup, by the way. The apple pastry is good as well. P.S. Don’t bother taking your camera in, they won’t let you take pictures of the show because it’s a copyright thing.

  10. I can’t believe anyone doesn’t enjoy Dixie Stampede. We have been to both shows summer and Christmas. We love them both. We go everytime we get to go to Pigeon Forge. I can’t remember how many times we have been there. The food is great. Eating with your fingers is all part of the show and fun. We are planning to go in a few weeks for our 35th wedding anv. We can’t wait. We have never been disappointed. Everyone is so nice to you. Dixie Stampede the thing we look forward to. If you haven’t seen the Christmas show you really need to see it. It is beautiful. Just can’t wait. Would love to see Dolly though only thing that could make it better!!!!

  11. I have been, but every one says if you been once you won’t go again. Well I have been and I am going again this week end.

  12. We went in Oct.,2008 and were lucky enough to see the Christmas show.It was great! The food was good and allowed the Cajun in me to be unleashed in public by ripping my meal apart with my hands and eating it! I was lucky enough to win the toilet seat toss for the south. My wife and I along with our 13 year old son and my mom are leaving in 5 days 7/14/11 for Pigeon Forge and if we don’t do anything else while we’re there we will go to Dixie Stampede. Thanks Dolly for a truly great time for the whole family!

  13. Anybody use MTO-Vacations recently for their discount Dixie tkts ? Not sure if their website is up to date or if it’s worth the risk for a few dollars.

  14. Wonderful family fun. We have been twice. Going back for christmas show again this year. Just please don’t tell me to stand up and say Merry Christmas and pass the candy cane. LOL!!!!!! Think I didn’t quite hear the instruction. LOL!!! We had a ball. Love this place.
    One complaint trying to purchase tickets for Christmas show but can’t find anywhere on website that tells when Christmas show starts. As in Oct…. or Nov….-Dec…. or Jan…. Thanks Love U Dolly. People tell me I look like U. Of course Thank U!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Me and my wife went and the horses crapped in our food and the buffallos eat my desert so that’s why I hate animals peta people eating tasty animals

  16. Henry Liford, That is the most stupid thing I have heard. The Dixie Stampede is the best attraction there is in Tennessee. End.Of.Story.

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