Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Looking to skydive without having to do it from a plane? Try Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge and experience the thrill indoors.

So you’ve always wanted to go skydiving, but you’re not too keen about jumping out of a plane at an altitude that takes way too long to count up to? Well, you’re in luck if you’ve decided to come down to Pigeon Forge for the day. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving takes the enormous heights out of the equation and lets you experience the thrill of the dive indoors.

Here, you’ll experience the feel of skydiving in a 21 foot tall vertical wind tunnel with 120 mph winds. Each participant receives approximately 3 minutes of free-fall time.

There are a few things you must do in order to take advantage of the skydive simulator at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge, TN. Come by in whatever you’re comfortable in, you’ll be given a flight suit, goggles, earplugs, gloves and helmet. If you need close-toed shoes, Flyaway has some you can borrow. You’ll start out with a 20-minute training session to get you fully educated on the experience and so you’ll know what to expect. That session is followed by a 15 minute term of equipment prep and dress.

Persons eligible to participate include just about anyone. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied in class by a parent or guardian over 21 years of age. Children must weigh over 40 pounds. You should be in good physical condition and meet height and weight guidelines. To participate, as a rule of thumb for men, maximum weight for 6 foot and taller is 230 pounds, for men. For women, maximum weight for 6 foot and taller is 200 pounds.

If you’re a skydiver looking to make your first solo jump, Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge is an excellent way to practice free-falling.

First Flight – $34.00
3 min per person

Repeat Flight – $22.00
3 min per person

Family Block – $155.00
15 minute session
Up to 5 flyers
Free DVD service

Book of Five – $110.00
Five 3 min flights for 1 person

DVD Service – $16.00

Prices DO NOT include tax

Check out the latest coupons and discounts at Flyaway’s special page – coupons.

Call 1.877.293.0639 for information on group reservations or facility rental.

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving
3106 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN

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