The Track

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Are you looking for a place to spend a great day of family fun in the Smokies?  The Next time you are in Pigeon Forge, check out The Track.  Now I don’t just mean one of the many go-kart tracks I mean – The Track.  Located in the heart of Pigeon Forge at Traffic Light 3, The Track is hard to miss.  You can walk to it from lots of the hotels and if you are hanging out at Walden’s Landing, you are just across the street.

When you first get to The Track, one of the first things you are going to see is the Wild Woody.  This was the first wooden multi-level go-kart tracks in town.  You race from the bottom to the top of the spiral and then back down.  Feel like some traditional go-karting?  You can always take in the namesake track – The Track – which is a classic go-kart track.  Or you can take the Rookie or the Kiddie track for those younger members of your family or traveling party.  On the kiddie track you only have to be three feet tall to drive.

And while you are at the Kiddie Track you can also let the youngsters play in Kids Country. – carusels, fair rides, swings and much more.  Take a break from adult excitement and let the kids go crazy.  Put them on the Ferris wheel or the train and watch for the wonder and excitement in their eyes as they play in an area geared just for their age group.

Or maybe you are looking for some harmless collisions.  Jump in the bumper boats or the bumper cars.  The bumper cars are a classic amusement ride, drive into one another, no lanes, no course just good cushioned fun.  Or, if you are looking to play in the water, try the Bumper Boats.  And trust me you will get wet!  The bumper boats are round inner tubes with an engine and water guns.  You pilot your tube around in the water trying to crash into the other bumper boats all the while shooting people with your water gun that is built into the boat.  Hours of fun and if you are standing next to the bumper boats, be aware, you might get sprayed as well.

The Track also has a great miniature golf course.  This is not your typical minigolf.  You take a journey through an exotic jungle, full of wild animals, dark tunnels and challenging holes.  The golf course is located next to the river so you also have a wonderful view while you compete with your friends and family.

But if you are looking for the ultimate thrill ride, the Bungee Jump and SkyFlyer are the place for you to start.  The Bungee tower at The Track is one of the most visited roadside attractions in the Smokies.  The view from the tower is worth the walk up the stairs.  At the top you are treated to a glorious view of Pigeon Forge and the surrounding mountains.  You step to the edge of the tower and take the plunge.  You get to experience the free fall (65 feet worth of free fall) before the cord snaps you back up.  Or maybe you want something a little different.  Get in line for the SkyFlyer.  You and a friend get strapped into the SkyFlyer, you are pulled up to a tremendous height and then… you swing forward as gravity takes control.  Your swing takes you out over the parking lot, toward the Parkway.  This might be one of the most unique ways to experience the views of Pigeon Forge and it is certainly one of the most exciting.

Put The Track on your itinerary.  Take the family for a full day of thrills, rides and much, much more.  The Track is a family amusement park for all ages.

The Track
2575 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN

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