Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo in Pigeon Forge is home to some of the best sushi and hibachi in the Smoky Mountains.

Next time you’re in Pigeon Forge, or passing through, stop by and try Little Tokyo Hibachi Grill and Sushi Bar, you won’t regret it. Their hibachi grill is one of the best pieces of culinary entertainment in the Smoky Mountains and their sushi rivals that of some of the country’s most artistic chefs. But it’s not just their exceptional food; whether you’re looking for a festive atmosphere suitable for the whole family or a more romantic dinner for two, Little Tokyo answers the call every time. If you’re looking for something completely different from your normal East Tennessee fare, Little Tokyo is that eclectic spot that will become a destination for you.

Hibachi is a very popular dining option in most U.S. cities nowadays. Just take a seat around one of the grills at Little Tokyo and watch the food come alive. Come in with a large group and you will likely have one of the grills all to yourselves, which makes it even better. Each meal begins with miso soup and a salad. A side of sushi to go along with your meal is the perfect in between. After placing your orders, the chef begins to ready your table for the meal to come; this is where the fun starts. Whether it’s the chefs flinging rice balls or the flaming onion volcano, everyone is in awe of the chef’s culinary tricks. While your food is being prepared before your very eyes, chefs are demonstrating their skilled knife work and a food juggling act that usually involves eggs and some other ingredient.

So it’s not hibachi that you’re in the mood for on this day? Maybe it’s something a bit more raw you’re yearning for. Little Tokyo’s sushi bar is second ton none in the Smoky Mountains. Their two page list of sushi is enough to satisfy even the staunchest of sushi-lovers. These plates could be considered edible works of art. Little Tokyo’s chefs are skilled in the delicate art of sushi creation. There isn’t a bad piece of sushi to be found on their menu. Here’s one recommendation – the Kiwi Roll. This sushi roll has lobster meat inside with kiwi sliced thinly over the top and drizzled with coconut sauce. For you sushi connoisseurs, sit at the sushi bar next time and watch the sushi chef work.

Little Tokyo in Pigeon Forge is a great place to take the family if your looking for an upscale dining experience in the Smokies. If you are looking for something a little more romantic, Little Tokyo can provide that too. Visit our dining room and have your own little slice of solitude without the big group feel of the hibachi grill. The lights are low, the room is quieter and you can have that intimate dinner for two that you are looking for on your weekend getaway in the Smokies. If you are looking for that place that is out of the ordinary while you are in the mountains, try Little Tokyo and add it to your favorite places to eat while you are on vacation in Pigeon Forge.

Little Tokyo
2430 Teaster Lane, Suite 212
Pigeon Forge, TN

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