A Water-y Start to 2013

To say things have been a bit water-logged in the Smokies to start out 2013 would be hittin’ the nail on the head, or to put it more accurately, like stepping right in the middle of a muddy pothole.

Whether it’s torrential rain you’re talking about, snow, ice, or a mixture of all three, this area has seen it all over the past month. The Little Pigeon River has seen it’s waters reach record levels, and by now everyone knows about the washout of Newfound Gap Road.

Numerous attractions in the area and around Pigeon Forge have taken it on the chin as well during this months of storms.

During the weather of this past week, Music Road Convention Center employees weren’t taken aback when the center’s lower parking lot flooded Wednesday. What did surprise them was the amount of time it took for the lot to reach dangerous levels. It happened so quick, most were scrambling to move any cars that might be left in the lot.

This round of flooding took place after a week that saw the first flood of the season at the popular Pigeon Forge convention center.

Most though were already parking at the center’s upper lot when forecasters predicted another similar round of storms for the week. Few remained when water was seen rushing over the banks into the lower lot.

Some, like a man who had parked his truck down in the lower lot, were simply relieved they were able to get to their vehicle before the worst could happen. Some stranded autos could have seen as much as 5 or 6 feet of water.

Those that were there Wednesday afternoon said that the onslaught of water was mesmerizing to watch as it crashed over barriers into the lower lot.

Water eventually subsided after a few days, but it made for some trying hours for the convention center, as well as most Pigeon Forge businesses last week. Here’s hoping February is a bit drier and a lot milder than January was in the Smokies and Pigeon Forge.