Smoky Mountain Coca-Cola Collectors

If you’re into Coca-Cola, and by that I mean not just sipping on a bottle of Coke at dinner or in front of the television, but the actual signs, collectible bottles, and anything else with the Coke logo on it, you’ll want to be in Pigeon Forge for the Smoky Mountain Coca-Cola Collectors Convention at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center.

It promises to be everything you could ever want it be in a collectors convention. There will be red and white from one end to the other as Coca-Cola enthusiasts shop, trade, beg, barter, and gawk at all the rare Coke merchandise. If there ever was a Comic-Con for Cocoa-Cola collectors, this would be it.

If this sounds anything like you’d be interested in, plan to be at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center in the Smoky Mountains. Who can you expect to come into contact with at the convention? People who have a room in their house specifically for Coca-Cola things, antique show and flea market lovers, and really anyone who is interested in pop culture, etc.

If you yourself are an antiques or collectibles dealer, this is a great show for you no matter how much Coca-Cola swag, aka stuff, you may have. Attending these shows puts you directly in touch with thousands of Coca-Cola collectors. You might even think about joining the Coca-Cola Collectors Club, which puts on these conventions on an annual basis.

The Coca-Cola Collectors Club is for people looking to:

  • Get in touch with thousands of collectors around the world
  • Find markets for buying, trading, and selling collectibles
  • Purchase special merchandise only available to members
  • Monthly newsletter with free classified ads for all members
  • Annual international and regional conventions

If you’re coming for the Smoky Mountain Coca-Cola Collectors Convention in June, reserve a Pigeon Forge cabin, or a luxury Pigeon Forge condo near the convention center for your stay and enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains right off your back deck, or even your front porch.