Lumberjack Feud

One of Pigeon Forge’s newest attractions, Lumberjack Feud is a combination of a stage show, hands-on activity center and cultural exhibit that focuses on lumberjacks. The show is an on-going drama and a live-action competition centered around two lumberjack families circa the 1940s.

4 thoughts on “Lumberjack Feud”

  1. Hello,
    I am wondering what discounts you may have for your show?
    I will be coming on Dec 30 with another family.
    There will be 10 of us in all including the kids (6 total).
    We are on a VERY tight budget. I would love to bring the kids to see it but it seems all the other shows are so expensive. Please give me some advice on discount so we can come and see the new show. I saw somewhere it said you can see the show without buying the dinner. please give me the detials.

  2. We loved the show. It had just the right amount of codmey. The lumberjacks were very and very entertaining. We took our four yr old and 6 month old. The four yr old loved the show, but my wife had to take the 6 month in and out of the show just bc he would get upset due to the loud atmosphere. He was probably sensitive due to the show being at 5 pm and nearing his bed time.We got the picnic boxes, but I would recommend the dinner for a little higher price.The picnic boxes were really good and filling, though.I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the place. They are all well within view, including section d above the concession.We sat in section f in seat 51 54 and had a great view. The dinner seats are at a table with more flexible seating, while the other seats are in theatre seats where the picnic boxes are served in trays that attach to the cup holders on the arrests, which is a good setup for not being at a table.

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