Dollywood’s Adventure Mountain

America’s Largest Challenge Course

In 2010, Dollywood took adventure and their attractions in an entirely different direction when it opened Adventure Mountain.  Adventure Mountain is part ropes course, part obstacle course with three different course and varying degrees of difficulty.  It is one of the few attractions in Dollywood that is different each and every time you go through the course, choosing your path depending on if you think you are up to the challenge.

Here is the basic idea behind Adventure Mountain.  You step into line, you get fitted for a harness, this harness has a lead rope that will be hooked into the rail system that runs over all of the course, you then get to pick your course and you slide the rope along with you.  The rope and harness keep you safe and makes choosing the harder challenges much easier – because you know that you are safe and secure.  As you walk through each course, you will find that there is always a sturdy, though narrow walkway that is fixed and un-moving – this is for the less-adventurous out there.  But you can also choose the more difficult way to cross that section of the course.  This might be on lilypad like steps that are suspended in the air with no handrail, tires that you have to step across or a tightrope like walk from one side of a ledge to another.  But remember that you are always securely tethered to the course itself.

Adventure Mountain is divided into three distinct courses.  From easy to expert, the challenges that you face not only get more difficult, but they also go higher up the side of the valley in which Dollywood resides.


  • Geyser Gorge – This is the lowest portion of Adventure Mountain.  This is a great place to start, and it is also a good place to get your feet wet… literally.  One of the main features of this particular course is a geyser that goes off periodically as you try to traverse the gorge.  Imagine, you are walking along a narrow pathway, and all of sudden you get drenched with gallons of water.  This is the easiest course of the three and has the least climb in elevation.
  • Black Bear Cliff – This is the mid range course.  Set between Geyser Gorge and Rocky Top Trail, this course has, as its main feature, a vertigo inducing cliff that you can choose to surmount to get to the next portion of the course.  Remember that you are always in complete safety but, you can choose the easier route as well if the idea of the ledge is a little too much for you.
  • Rocky Top Trail – This is the expert trail.  You are are literally 90 feet above the ground, walking along shaky rope bridges, attached to the steel structure of Adventure Mountain.  Not for the faint of heart but the view from the top is out of this world so it is recommended to give it a try.

Adventure Mountain is a great stop during your day at Dollywood.  Turn the kids loose, knowing that they are in one area and that they are completely secured the entire time.  Or maybe you attempt to take on the tallest trail as a family, cheering each other on as you climb higher and higher.  Spend 15 minutes or spend hours as you explore all three of the courses and get your heart rate up as you take on Adventure Mountain.

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