Free Fun for Kids in Pigeon Forge

Discover all of the free things for kids to do in Pigeon Forge, TN and Gatlinburg, TN! Save money and still have fun on your family vacation!

So you you’ve loaded down the SUV, filled it up with gas, cruised into Pigeon Forge, paid for the accommodations, fed the family, and are wondering what in the world you’re going to do for fun the next few days while your funds start to disappear. Fortunately for you (if your kids are 11 & under) many shows are letting kids in for free and even eat for free as well! Here’s a rundown of the attractions that are helping families out:

The following Pigeon Forge shows let children 11 & under in for free!
(One child per paid adult)

If anyone knows of other attractions in Pigeon Forge, TN that children can get into for free, post them in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Free Fun for Kids in Pigeon Forge”

  1. My kids are in LOVE with the Black Bear Jamboree. They beg to go back to Tennessee just to see Dexter and the bears. We had to buy the video and they love to do their own re-enactment of the show!! They were only 3 and 4 when we made our first trip and it was GREAT!!!!

  2. Rainforest adventures is not free for children under 11! Children under 3 are free. Children 3 to 11 are 6.99 and adults are 11.99.

  3. We are bringing 24 students to the Titanic Museum and later to Dixie Stampede. We have from 10:00 until 12:00 to fill. Are there any free activities or parks to visit until our scheduled events?

  4. Off the top of my head, the Sugarlands Visitors Center right outside the national park might be a good place to take them – they have a museum and I believe they may show movies. Other than that, there are public parks including Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge, the Sevier County Park on Park Street and Herbert Holt Park in Gatlinburg.

  5. If you sign up with Lazer Port you get to do 18 holes of inside black light mini golf for free…. free for the coupon holder and all in their group!

  6. I was looking at Lazer Port for the free golf and did not see where to sign up. Can you guide me to the correct place for this coupon?

  7. Where can i find coupons for free games at the Lazer Port golf that is inside with black lights? Where can i find other coupons for things to do with kids?

  8. I also didn’t see the coupon i saw it last year but couldn’t find it this year.

  9. Are children 11 and under still free at the Comedy Barn and Black Bear Jamboree?

  10. It is not free for children 11 and under at comedy barn. the price for the tickets are $9.98.

  11. Black Bear Jamboree has been closed an it is now Hatfield ?? and ONLY children under 3 are free 3 til 11 are 11.95! Doesn’t work for me! :(

  12. The Hatfield and Mccoy dinner show is costly for a family of 4 but we enjoyed it sooo much, my little girl was 4 and she absolutely loved the leg-slapping and tapping.It was worth it to us -one of the highlights of our last trip to the Smokies!kids were $12 and adults around $30

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