Looking Ahead to 2013: Dollywood

It’s safe to say that Dollywood may be scaling back a bit for the 2013 season as two large park attractions, Adventure Mountain and Imagination Cinema, are not a part of the Pigeon Forge theme park’s plans for the coming year.

Three years ago Adventure Mountain opened at the park, and while it was met by frequent guests and long lines during the summer, it is being replaced by a new attraction yet to be name, that will open in 2014. It’s a disappointment for many, but Dollywood officials think that will pass when people hear of the plans the park has for the area next year.

When it was built, Adventure Mountain ran up a $5 million pricetag. The 2-acre play area featured more than 100 obstacles including swinging beams, suspension bridges, flying islands and a tire traverse along a hillside, and was located across from the park’s newest jewel, the Wild Eagle sky ride. New plans for the area include extending it in front of the water raft ride River Battle.

Imagination Cinema meanwhile, will be transformed into a 500-seat venue for a new Dolly family show. It’s currently showing The Polar Express 4D Experience as a part of Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, but will reopen in the spring of next year. The new venue will also play a part in the park hosting five additional new shows.

As for this past season, the Wild Eagle winged coaster opened to rave reviews and large crowds. Dollywood is on track to open the state’s first water coaster, RiverRush, next year at Dolly’s Splash Country.

Dollywood President Craig Ross noted in a release that the park was moving forward with new shows and looking ahead to its new venue. Construction activity for the new 2014 attraction will be noticeable once the park opens up for the 2013 season.

“(Families) are going to be thrilled and excited about the new additions,” Ross said. “They’ll be like nothing you’ve seen before.”

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