Titanic’s Sweetheart Month

If a renewal of your wedding vows is something you’ve been planning, the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge wants to assist you in making it one of the most memorable celebrations possible. For an entire month, the attraction is opening up one of its prize displays to couples looking to renew their vows.

Titled Sweetheart month at the Titanic Museum Attraction, the month of February will be devoted renewing that important promise. They’ve gone so far as to allow couples to renew their vows on the museum’s Grand Staircase. And couples have the entire month of February to make it happen. But act fast, cause dates and times can fill up quickly.

Outside of the fateful turn of events, it was said that the maiden Titanic voyage was laced with anticipation, as well as romance when it set sail on April 10, 1912. There were exactly 12 couples traveling aboard the Titanic who were on their honeymoon. In addition to all the couples, there were also a number of young, brides-to-be sailing to America, anxious to begin the next phase of their life.

The power of love will be on full display during the Titanic attraction’s Sweetheart Month this February in Pigeon Forge. The attraction’s focus on love, romance, and the enduring spirit of those who lost their lives aboard the Titanic will be on full display in February. Renew your vows in the most memorable of ways: on the Titanic Museum’s Grand Staircase. All vow renewal ceremonies will be presided over by the ship’s captain.

Again, act fast as reservations are required. If you’re looking for a place to stay within a short distance of the Titanic attraction, check out these Pigeon Forge cabins, as well as these Pigeon Forge cabin rentals and these Gatlinburg cabin rentals. Keep the romance alive and renew your vows during Sweetheart Month at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge this year with a special ceremony on the grand staircase. It’ll be a memory to last a lifetime!

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