Cheap Hotel Rates on Signs are Honored

Hotels and motels in Pigeon Forge, TN are now required to honor the cheap rates on hotel rooms that are advertised on their signs to all visitors.

Have you ever seen cheap rates on hotel rooms in Pigeon Forge, TN posted on signs in front of the hotels and proceeded to try and book a room only to discover they don’t have any rooms available at that price? No hotel owners will admit to it, but this was a “bait & switch” tactic used for years to lure visitors in and then offer more expensive rooms. Sure, they may have rooms at that price (sometimes only one room), but it was often extremely difficult to find a room at the price advertised on the sign. Needless to say, this frustrated numerous visitors and was the core of a lot of complaints the city receives every year from visitors to Pigeon Forge. Fortunately, the city listens…and takes action.

As of Monday, November 26, 2007 an ordinance was passed that requires hotels & motels in Pigeon Forge, TN to have a room available at the rate that is advertised on the sign. If they fail to offer a room at the advertised price, then the hotel will be issued a $50 fine for each infraction.

What does this mean for you? This is a great piece of information to take with you during your next visit. You can confidently walk into any hotel ready to negotiate, because a $50 fine will often not be worth the hotel’s time of turning you away or trying to talk you into a more expensive room. If you mention calling the city about their deceptive practice and the $50 fine, their tune should change. If they fail to offer you the advertised rate, call the department of tourism at 1-800-251-9100 or locally in Pigeon Forge at (865) 453-8574.

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