What is the Average Pigeon Forge Weather?

Gorgeous weather in Pigeon Forge with breathtaking sunset

Located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, Pigeon Forge enjoys a temperate climate with distinct seasons that offer a different experience as you visit throughout the year. This means that no matter what season you plan your Pigeon Forge getaway for, you’re certain to love the scenery and enjoy a number of activities that are perfect with any type of Pigeon Forge weather.

Spring Pigeon Forge Weather Averages

From March through May, Pigeon Forge experiences average lows ranging from the mid-30s and 50s and average highs starting in the low 60s that rise to upper 70s. These temperatures bring forth the Smoky Mountain wildflowers throughout spring and create the ideal setting for outdoor festivals and activities. The average amount of precipitation is from 3-5 inches.

Summer Pigeon Forge Weather Averages

In the summer months, Pigeon Forge experiences average lows in the 60s and average highs in the mid-upper 80s. Summers in Pigeon Forge have the highest chance for rainy days, as July has the most monthly precipitation on average at 5.5 inches. However, there are plenty fun things to do in Pigeon Forge indoors, and sunny days typically break up any potential stretches of rainy weather.

Fall Pigeon Forge Weather AveragesPigeon Forge weather in the Fall provides striking views of leaf color change

Fall seasons in Pigeon Forge have the most varied temperatures but remain mild with average lows ranging from 35 up to 57 degrees and highs at 59 up to 80 degrees. Precipitation remains low with averages spanning from 2.4 to 3.7 inches. In addition to its enjoyable weather, fall in Pigeon Forge is also known for the color change readily observed in area foliage and in the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Winter Pigeon Forge Weather Averages

While Pigeon Forge is tucked in a mountainous region of the country, the city experiences fairly warm winters with December through February producing lows in the mid to high 20s and highs in the high 40s and lower 50s. Although precipitation is higher during this season than it is in other months, traveling conditions remain good with an average snow accumulation of only 1.2 inches in December and 1.5 inches in February. On average, January experiences no significant snow accumulation. This means vacationers and locals hoping to see Winterfest lights and special holiday shows playing throughout Pigeon Forge theaters can do so with little or no traveling difficulties.

Average Pigeon Forge Temperatures

Month Average High Average Low
January 46°F 25°F
February 51°F 27°F
March 61°F 34°F
April 69°F 43°F
May 77°F 53°F
June 84°F 61°F
July 87°F 65°F
August 86°F 64°F
September 81°F 57°F
October 71°F 43°F
November 59°F 35°F
December 50°F 27°F

Whether you’re hoping to take a walk through Pigeon Forge and enjoy the wildflowers with the warm spring breeze surrounding you or you’re looking forward to seeing the breathtaking shades of red, orange and yellow during fall’s iconic leaf-change, you’ll be pleased to find that Pigeon Forge weather is perfect for spring, summer, fall and winter vacations. Regardless of when you visit, you’re sure to have a weather-friendly, memory-filled getaway.

Which season is your favorite time to visit Pigeon Forge? Tell us in the comments below!

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