12th Annual Yellow Mustangs Show

The 11th Annual Yellow Mustangs how takes place at the Inn at Christmas Place this year in Pigeon Forge.

Information below refers to the 2013 Yellow Mustangs Show.

For car show lovers, Pigeon Forge is a yearly destination unto itself with the spring and fall Rod Runs as well as numerous specialty shows throughout the year. And as one might guess Ford Mustangs have their own show. What might come as a surprise is the yellow Mustang owners do as well every spring.

This year, the 12th Anniversary Yellow Mustangs Show will again be held at the Inn at Christmas Place May 2-5. Just make sure if you decide to participate you have an actual yellow-colored Ford Mustang, or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. No matter the year, these guys love their Mustangs loud, fast, and in the brightest yellow they can find. It’s a sight to be seen due to the number of participants alone. If you’re gonna be in town that weekend for the event, check out these Pigeon Forge cabins before booking your stay. And for more information on the Yellow Mustangs show, call 1-888-465-9644.

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