Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater

Full concert schedule and information for Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater closed in 2009. Information below is for historical reference.

Some of you may remember the Boyd’s Bears Country at the south end of Pigeon Forge or may have seen the building (it was the enormous red barn at the end of town closest to Gatlinburg just past the Log Cabin Pancake House). If you have never been, you missed your chance as it shut down and has now been turned into Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater. I imagine locals will call it something creative…like…big red barn (not to be confused with the Comedy Barn). Pigeon Forge became home to a brand new music venue with some popular artists performing in concert. They had a handful of artists lined up to perform that appealed to a broad range of people.

Other areas of this new music complex will be a tribute to Dick Clark (most likely a museum-style area with the story of his life with memorabilia) and a restaurant. It’s definitely going to be a great place to stop if you love music of any era. This would even be a great place to bring the kids or grandchildren to show them what you listened to when you were their age. The goal is to keep this a very family-oriented venue so that people of all ages can visit and go to the concerts.

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  1. Concert Schedule for Dick Clark’s American Bandstand should be 2007 not 2008.

  2. I read on Grand Funk Railroad’s site that they will be playing at the Pigeon Forge American Bandstand Theater on
    July 1’st. Any further information would be appreciated.
    Please contact me at kevdeny@aol.com.

  3. Grand Funk Railroad ain’t Grand Funk Railroad without Mark Farner singing…..Don’t bother.

  4. Got to listen to and see part of the concert…one word – AMAZING! Thanks so much for bringing ‘good’ music back!

  5. I was there on Sat. 30 and saw the Nashville Stars. They were great!!!It was the first
    night of their tour and they seemed really humble and appreciative of the audience.
    Josh Stevens did a great job starting things off, then David Saint Romaine sang his
    heart out and really got the crowd into it ! Zack Hacker was wonderful and entertaining
    and Angela Hacker really sounded great and she danced around and was full of energy !! Then after the show I was leaving and Josh Stevens was heading inside for
    the meet & greet and took time to shake hands with me and my boyfriend and even
    gave me a hug !!! I wish them all a successful tour and if you get a chance to see them ,you should !!!!!! :)

  6. If anyone sees the John Michael Montgomery concert how about leaving a review on how it went. Thanks.

  7. Can’t wait to see and hear the CCR on the 22nd of July. I sure hope that they all show up!!!

  8. have just become aware of your new theater in pigeoon forge. i missed the animals and was just sick about it. i grew up in east tennessee and saw very little of the origional soul groups from the 60’s please !!!!!! bring any of the suriving artiisits to pigeon forge. coming to your theater will most certanily be in my plans for the fall. i am really looking forward to the experience!!!! sarah webb

  9. saw the temptations revisited group–great show. Hope you’ll continue to bring back the good old music of the 50’s and 60’s. Looking forward to seeing more great acts!!

  10. Are there going to be any concerts for Oct. 4, 5, or 6th? I am coming down with some girlfriends and would be fun.

  11. I was there for Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone. Great show!! I hope you bring them back in 2008! My sister lives nearby so I would make the trip from Ohio.

  12. Will be visiting in Pigeon Forge the week of Dec. 3-7 . Wondering if there will be
    a show during this week and who will be there.

  13. I would like too see the Van-Dells appear in Gatlinberg at American Bandstand Theater. They are great 50’s and 60’s music

  14. Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater will most likely no longer have any outdoor concerts. They are building a resort and indoor theater, though, which is scheduled to open in 2009. Stay tuned…we’ll bring you more information as it becomes available as we know a lot of you enjoyed these concerts!

  15. I would like to know when the 2008 schedule will be out and is there a direct website for this place I plan on visiting Tn in feb 2008 and would like to know

  16. We will be coming in Feb 2008 I have tried to call the 1-800 # but its not in service. Has it already closed down?

  17. We only found out about the Dick Clarks’ American Bandstand in Pigeon Forge early August 07. I was able to see the Doobie Brothers and they put on a great concert. We enjoyed the Dick Clark museum, it was so interesting looking at all the pictures and memoriblia. I was looking so forward to more concerts this spring and summer. It is totally a shame AB will not have concerts at the outdoor theater while the new indoor theater is being built. Please look into getting some groups in 08. It is wonderful to be able to see the bands for the 60’s and 70’s again.

  18. Are there going to be nay shows the second week of June?
    Is this a place that wold be okay to take an infant ?

  19. Looks like I’m not the only one trying to track down the 2008 schedule, any idea when and where it will be posted? Looking for shows the first week of May. Thanks

  20. Looks like no schedule for 2008 per above update. Scroll up to read all..

    The lineup appealed to a broad range…there was something for just about anyone. They are saying they will be adding many more artists and dates to the schedule for 2009 (The Dick Clark Theater in Pigeon Forge will not be hosting any concerts in 2008), so keep checking back. You can also get information by calling 1-800-933-3066. Their website at http://www.bandstandtickets.com now redirects to the corporate Dick Clark page, so I’m not sure what the plans are for their new website

  21. I saw Fabian and Bobby Vee in Pigeon Forge. The Show was wonderful. Cant wait for it to reopen.

  22. I was not aware of the Dick clark American Bandstand Theater until November of 2007 which by then they were closed. We were looking forward to visiting the Theater on our annual trip to Pigeon Forge in 2008. We were diappointed to read that it would not open until 2009, but we are really looking forward to visiting the new theater.

  23. So many thanks for the updates.
    Can’t wait till 2009.
    The new renovations sounds exciting.
    I’ll be there!

    God Bless You,

  24. Can’t wait until the theater open in 2009. I saw Air Supply and Chubby Checker last year and it was AWESOME.

    Would love to see The Monkees come and perform.

  25. i saw Air Supply at the Dick Clark building in Pigeon Forge it was the greatest atmosphere could not have been better can’t wait for the 2009 schedule i hope there is one to look forward too.?????

    Rockford, TN

  26. Dick Clark’s American bandstand theater is not actually in operation for the year of 2009. However until further notice, Dick Clark’s bandstand will not be running in the near future.

  27. am trying to get a schedule for september and october 2009 for the dick clark theater or for the new owners. thanks

  28. For great fun and in my opinion, the best show in Pigeon Forge, you must see the Temptation Review featuring Nate Evans at the Smoky Mountain Theater on the Parkway. Formally the Smokey Mountain Jubelee. You wont regret it !!!!!

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