2013 Grand Fall Rod Run Car Show

Registration and event information for the 2012 Fall Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, TN car show. Info includes prices, where to stay, when to come, and what to do for the Pigeon Forge Grand Run!

As summer comes to an end and millions of visitors flock to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN to see the leaves change color in the fall , there is one last event that brings the town to life (well… to a stand-still really)… that’s the Fall Grand Rod Run September 12-15, 2013. Headquartered at the former Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center, this year it’s no different. Locals have always called it the Fall Grand Rod Run, but apparently it’s called Grand Run Fall… whatever you call it, it’s a huge car show (or rod run) – that is mostly made up of… you guessed it… hot rods. This is the “sister” event to the Spring Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, TN held in April.

As was suggested for the Shades of the Past Car Show, if you have no interest in car shows, then it is highly suggested to avoid Pigeon Forge, TN September 12-15 as you will not be able to drive anywhere on the weekend. Also, you can forget getting a good night’s sleep if you’re close to the parkway. There’s something about revving engines and peeling tires at 3 a.m. that just gets people fired up.

Now, if you do love hot rods, car shows, rod runs, and Pigeon Forge, TN then you are in luck! You’ll be in heaven as you walk the parkway, cruise the strip, listen to classic music, scope the tweaked out cars, etc. The Fall Rod Run is a rodder’s paradise.

*Insider Tip – If you plan to park in a parking lot along the strip, keep in mind that all of the spaces between the power poles and the parkway are owned by the city and have been “free” and “open” for parking. Anything between the power pole and the businesses the spots are in front of are owned by the business. You may be told to move and then towed if you don’t move. Just be respectful of the business owners as they are the ones that keep voting for car shows to return to Pigeon Forge year after year. Without their vote, you’d be attending car shows in some other town or not at all.

Grand Rod Run Information:

Official Grand Rod Run Registration for participants and vendors

  • Participants:
    30 Days Before Event = $30
    Within 30 Days of Event = $40
  • Vendors:
    Outside Space (9×16) = $135
    Inside Space (10×10) = $155
  • Sales Corral = $75

For more information about any of the Grand Rod Runs, contact:
MCS Promotions
Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm EST

Hotels affiliated with the Fall Grand Rod Run:
(I in no way am recommending any of these hotels…these are simply the places affiliated with the event…in other words “owned by the same company as the host hotel”)

Family Inns of America – West
3114 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Family Inns of America – East
3785 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, Tenn

Family Inns of America – North
3239 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, Tenn

Family Inns of America – South
4112 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, Tenn

Family Inns of America – Twin Malls
2647 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN
865-429-2244 or 800-251-4444

Grand Inns of America
3206 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
865-453-0056 or 800-247-8282

Smoky Shadows Motel and Conference Center
4215 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
865-453-7155 or 800-282-2121

Again, For more information about any of the Grand Rod Runs, contact:
MCS Promotions
Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm EST

For Pigeon Forge hotel information call: 865-453-6618 or 800-251-9752

Check out the full Pigeon Forge Car Show Schedule. You may also want to see our list of the best hotels in Pigeon Forge as well Pigeon Forge cabin rentals.

Have fun and enjoy the Fall Grand Rod Run 2013 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

43 thoughts on “2013 Grand Fall Rod Run Car Show”

  1. This is a great car show! It is a great chance to see all the nice old cars! They dont build them like they use to!!!

  2. I have a 1957 Chevy 283 motor w/power glide trans, power steering generator and other misc items. Where would be the best place to advertise these during the Rod Run without transporting them to Pigeon Forge. I’m in Kingston, about an hour away. Any info would be appreciated.

  3. I’ve Been Goin To The RodRun For Several Years And It Never Gets Old!!! Both Spring And Fall!!!

  4. My husband and I go every year and love it!! He has a ’66 Nova SS, and I have a ’67 Nova SS…I bought a ’62 Ford Falcon a couple of years ago at the fall Rod Run in 2007. We love staying @ the “Fontaines” Cabins, just relaxing and enjoying the hotub, and our privacy…then going to the car show that afternoon, cruising and walking the strip,looking @ all the great classic cars…remembering the “Good ‘ole Days”

  5. This will be my first car show in awhile so me and a few buddys are goin to head on up there so i need to know what the dates are. for this fall if you need to get in contact look for me on facebook or call\text me at my cell which is 270-703-2948

  6. please make calender of events on car shows and dates on an easy to get to web page

  7. There are 5 of us from PA. Taking our motorhome to Pigeon
    Forge for the Rod Show. Any campgrounds suggestions?

  8. Has dates been set for the “Shades of the Past”, “Fall Grand Rod Run” or any other car show in the Fall of 2010?

  9. I’ve been going to these rod runs for severel years and i love the old muscle cars and vendors and buying,selling, and trading all that is awasome, But i’ll tell ya what SUCKS is no where to park and usually if you reserve a room and bring you $40,000 car the hotel onwers and reps want to send you and your car severel blocks up the road and park it in some dark back alley junk hole and shuttle you back to your room and if you want to go somwhere you have to wait on a bus to take you to your car if its still there and when you do get to the car and decide to drive to eat breakfast or to look around at somthing when you park and get out chances are when you come back your car want be there because someone has called and had your car towed and they will take it and dump it out up at some junk yard with orange clay mud alover it and you’ll have to pay about $150.00 just to get it back, NOW THAT SUCKS and its getting worse by the year. I hope this gets to someone it matters to because i have experenced all this and MANY others have too and its going to aventually get to where people don’t want to be treated like that and stay home or go else where. Thanks. Brian……..

  10. rodrun is awesome im bringing my 89 firebird formula this year. its going to be fun hopefully i dont get another ticket. whooohooo. see yall their

  11. re: hey where is the best place to stay for the rod run in September?

    We attend both spring and fall shows and have for years. Stay where you are the most comfortable. If you want to stay on the parkway, as we do, book your room early.

    If you’re not interested in the late night events, then stay in a cabin just outside of town. Cheaper and has a nice view. Hundreds to choose from you can check their websites. Also a camp ground if you own or rent a RV.

    Check room rates an availability first, but know during these events regular hotel rates do not apply. They double or even triple regular room rates. Current tax rates added, in Pigeon Forge is 12 percent.

    Hope this helps.



  14. i enjoy the car show at pigion forge. any suggestions where to stay close to the strip middle of the action?

  15. Anyone who needs a place to park thier trailer. I have a big yard. $75.00 a day or $125.00 for the weekend. I live on River Rd. 850-449-6508

  16. We are trying to find a schedule of events for the grand rod run this weekend…I went to grandrodrun.net but it wouldnt let me click on anything…If you know where I can find a schedule that I can print out please let me know asap…thanks so much…My email is candie48@aol.com
    hope to hear from someone soon..

  17. I have been going to the fall Grand run since 1989. In 1989 they did burn outs at the Grand hotel right in front of the hotel. Would be great to BRING BACK THE BURN OUTS. I guess the bad economy has struck everything, seems this year was a little slack at the Grand run. My favorite thing is to sit out by the parkway in my chair and watch the hot rods go by, well this year there werent many hot rods cruising the strip, mostly newer cars and trucks with a few rods here and there.

    Still good but hope it gets better! BRING BACK THE BURNOUTS!

  18. Was at the rod run this year for first time and had a great time. I would like to know , does anybody know the name of the vendor that was selling wheels and tires? (think he was from North Carolina) I would like to purchase a set from him and I didn’t get a card from him.

  19. Had a great time this year. Would like to know how to get a list of vendors that was set up. Need name and number of guy that was selling tire and wheel packages. Any info would be appreciated. thanks

  20. We had a great time. I wish we could get a count on how many people was at the rod run It was packed. We go every year and this year seemed like a lot more people. We stayed at the Smokey Shadows this time. We will stay closer to the Convention Center next year. But all and all it was great. They should have more activities going on when the Rod run comes to their town. This Rod run brings a lot of money to their town and they should have more to do that weekend. Arts and crafts set up on corners would be nice. Some cookin on the strip BBQ, Hamburgers,etc. Im just sayin….

  21. We LOVE our annual trip to PF, which falls on the same weekend as the Spring Rod Run (fixed week time share). We’d probably enjoy the Rod Run, too, if it were somewhere other than all over town. It’s frustrating that you can’t get anywhere because of all the traffic. We arrive in town on Saturday and usually hibernate until Monday when most all of the rod run people are gone. Sometimes we’ll venture out to the Red Roof mall or Mel’s Diner, but only because we can get there from the resort without having to get out on the parkway.
    I must say, though, the police department does a MUCH, MUCH better job of controlling traffic than in years past. It used to be that at most intersections people completely made their own rules – or simply ignored the lights and signs all together. Now there are officers at most intersections directing traffic, which makes it so much better!

  22. I have a 1976 malibu classic for sale if anyone is interested. It runs but needs some rearend work,I’m located 20 min. from pigeon forge.asking 2,000 or best offer i’ll be here all weekend come by and check it out, and get out of the traffic for a spell.865-428-1868., 865 -230-2012.

  23. I need the url for the ebsite for the shades of the past festival, also the kink for the vendor application for 2013

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