2012 Shades of the Past Car Show

Entry forms for participants & vendors to the 2011 Shades of the Past car show, traffic tips, and more about Shades of the Past in Pigeon Forge, TN Car Show and Rod Run.

Shades of the Past Car Show Pigeon Forge TN
It’s that time of year again for the 2012 Shades of the Past XXX car show in Pigeon Forge, TN. Grease that hair back and dust off those poodle skirts. For lovers of classic cars, this is definitely a rod run you don’t want to miss. If you’re reading this, you probably already know about it and what it is. For those of you that don’t know about it and don’t have much of an interest in car shows or rod runs, then I highly suggest you do not come near Pigeon Forge between September 7-8.

The 2012 Shades of the Past XXX will take place on September 7-8 (Friday and Saturday) at Dollywood’s Splash Country in Pigeon Forge, TN. During the show (and the days before & after) the parkway will turn into a parade of rods, customs, and classic cars with people sitting in lawn chairs all down the strip. You could literally walk from one end of Pigeon Forge to the other faster than you could drive through all of the traffic. Husbands, if you’re coming to the rod run with your wife (who doesn’t have the same interests) I suggest you drop her off early down at Five Oaks Mall in Sevierville. That should keep her happy and occupied most of the day while you’re at the car show.

For more information, contact:
Shades of the Past Rod Run Chairman
Dan Draper
3343 Big Springs Road
Maryville, TN 37801-8908.
FAX (865) 995-9097

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61 thoughts on “2012 Shades of the Past Car Show”

  1. I was wondering if you knew the dates for the 2008 Shades of the Past show yet?


  2. Hello

    I’m a photographer for several car magazines. The best muscle car shots each year go in to a muscle car calendar.

    Do you have a major vendor that could carry the calendar at your show? I don’t have enough “product” for a booth (just this calendar) and the Vendor Link didn’t work. I could include the vendor in the calendar, too.

    Also, will I need media credentials to cover the event?



  3. Dear; Shaders of the past;
    Me and my wife are both handicaped and will need to use electric wheelchairs , I will be pulling a u-haul trailer will there be a place to park close to the gate big enough to park my truck and u-haul.

  4. Will there be a swap meet at the Shades of the Past?
    If so, is it more for GM cars than Fords?

  5. sept 6 was my first time comeing to your show.Iloved it .MY daughter is handicap.i cant push her in a wheel chair but i have eltric bull dog that seats 2 people.would i be able to get in with it to ride her through the show .she is unable to walk or stand .She loves cars .she owens her owen car but was in wreak that keep her in the hospital for 7 months.

  6. Just returned to our home from Shades of Past. It is a great show, but one drawback is portolets were not cleaned out enough and no water to wash hands. This is very unhealthy and is first year the hand washers were completely empty for most of the day on Saturday.
    Hope this can improve for next year.

  7. We are trying to get an entry form but unable to do so, the web site says its expired, the emails I have sent no reply, the packets from last year no form. PLEASE help before early entries run out. Gary

  8. shades of the past-awh-those cars bring so many memories-i love to go-im from jasper tn-but my boy friend lives 6 miles from pigeon forge-and we plan on going to it this year–we just got back from the rod run-it was absolutly wonderful-we took so many pics-and i cant wait to share my pics with family and friends ~ cant wait !


  10. We have been really dissappointed the past few years that the old cars and trucks can’t even get out on the street to ‘strut their stuff’ All the locals and new vehichles clog up the street after dark and traffic comes to a complete halt at some points. Sure would be nice if the main drag could be reserved just for the old stuff during certain hours. We are forced to stay parked when we would like to show off a little too.

  11. What are the dates for the 2010 Pigeon Forge run. I have found two different dates on the internet.

    I know the show is usually the weekend after Labor Day. Is that the correct date for the 2020 meet.


  12. What is the exact beginning and ending dates of
    shades of the past rod run for 2010? I read Sept. 1-3, but that sounds early to me?

    Jim FUlcher

  13. I would like the dates for the 2010 Shades Of the Past so can schedule off from work.

  14. when is the next shades of the past car show for 2010, I live in WI and have never been there and would like to come, we have several show cars.

  15. I plan on coming to the car show, i have never been to a car show of this magnitude. We plan on bringing a 46 chevy truck that will be for sell. it is in near perfect condition but we do not really want to enter it in to the car show. we would like to be able to park it somewhere on the strip or around the car show so it can be seen and everyone would have a chance to purchase it. any info or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Robert

  16. I have a big yard in Pigeon Forge on River Rd. If anyone needs a place to park thier trailer for the weekend. $75.00 a day or $125.00 for the weekend. Call my cell and leave your number. 850-449-6508

  17. Even with the rain on Sat. the show was great like the new spot but the draw back on a hot day to set in the middle of that parking lot in a lawn chair I have weights for the legs of my tent can that be use if some thing can be done about that that would make it much much better also one other GOOD thing getting in and out was great

  18. Are the car shows always the 2nd & 3rd weekend in September? We just happened to be in town this weekend and my husband loved it and would like to stay for both weekends next year.

  19. I am sure this the most common E-mail you get this time of year but what are the dates for the 2011 show.

    Bob Gaucher
    Naperville, (Chicago), IL.

  20. 2011 looks like from what i have been researching is Sept 10/11 weekend for shades of the past. and 18/19 sept for the great rod run so might as well book a room from the 8 thru the 18 of Sept is what it sounds like to me

    Don McGowan
    69 Mustang coupe
    Cynthiana Ky

  21. i would like to know if anyone could please tell me what day the shades of the past car show is this year,2011 thank you

  22. Wow! 2011 Shades of the Past – registration starts Thursday, September 8 – car show takes place at Splash Country on Friday, September 9, and Saturday, September 10. This will be our first visit with our ’37 Ford street rod. Can hardly wait.

  23. Does a person have to go to Dollywood and pay the height admission prices to see most of the cars or will they be sitting up and down the main strip of Pigeon Forge during the weekend of Legends of the Past.? Thank you.

  24. Shades of the Past – approx. 5,000 classic cars, street rods, etc. will be in town – before Fri.Sept.9 and Sat.Sept.10 people will be able view the cars and talk to the owners who will be sitting along the Parkway – most of the cars will then be at Splash Country (not Dollywood) on the 9 & 10 for Shades of the Past car show – many vendors will also be in attendance.

  25. i’m on a walker , can i just pull over any where and watch the cars or do you have to go to splash Country and what is the cost, have any coupons for good food?

  26. What years of car are able to attend this show? I am apart of a 5th gen Camaro club in Chicago and a lot of us are interested in doing a cruise down there to attend a 2012 show.

  27. Which car show has more car there. Shades or rod run can not attend both. Thank you

  28. Which car show has more car there. Shades or rod run can not attend both. Thank you

  29. Both the Shades of the Past and The Grand Run have about
    the same attendance but the Shades of the Past has some of the best built cars in the country. I would put the quality of the cars up against any show in the country hands down. It’s where the best of the best come every year.

  30. Do you have the dates picked for the 2013 Shades of the Past event or is it always the weekend after Labor day?

  31. I am hopeing that you have next years dates selected as we are wanting to book our condo now for that week Please respond.Thank you in advance

  32. Is it legal to drive a golf cart around Pigeon Forge during the “Shades of the Past” car show. My husband has leukemia and unable to do a lot of walking. We are trying to figure out our options. Thanks.

  33. We heard a rumor that the 2012 Shades of the Past Rod Run would be the last in Pigeon Forge. Please tell us this is not true. My husband enjoys the show so much and we spend the entire week in Pigeon Forge. Will there be a show in September in 2013?

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