Miracle Theater Responds to Kathy Griffin

The Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN responds to Kathy Griffin’s Emmy acceptance speech in which she made remarks about Jesus Christ and the faith that The Miracle Theater shares.

The Miracle Theater Pigeon Forge TNYou may have already heard or read the comments made by Kathy Griffin during her Emmy acceptance speech in which she made some controversial remarks that caught the attention of Christians nationwide.

The Miracle Theater in the USA TodayNeedless to say, the comments stirred up numerous Christians to speak out and stand up for their beliefs. The Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN took their voice to the next level and put a full-page ad in the USA Today on Monday, September 17. The ad will run once again on Friday, September 21. One thing that The Miracle Theater wants to make clear is that this is not an attack at Kathy Griffin. It is about standing on a national podium at a similar level that she had and making a statement to praise the very person and the faith that she denounced. You can click on the image to the left to see The Miracle Theater’s full-page article in the USA Today.

During her acceptance speech she proclaimed,

“A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award, I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. S**K it, Jesus. This award is my god now!”

The article in the USA Today reads:

Dear America,
We are the actors, singers, dancers, crew and managers of The Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We are proud to stand on stage every night and use our God-given talents to portray the life and the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We, along with thousands of other Christians in the entertainment industry, know our talents do come from God, and we take offense when His name is battered and bruised by people through the media.

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus was mocked and few stood up for Him. We at The Miracle Theater consider it an honor to stand for Jesus today. We may never win a national award. We may never be household names. We may never be seen in Hollywood. Although others may choose to use their national platform to slander our God, we are honored as professional entertainers to stand for Christ.

First of all, many will argue that she had the freedom of speech. True. This isn’t about that. The Miracle Theater is not seeking legal action against her nor are any Christian organizations, entertainers, or other people. She can say what she wants and legally get away with it. This isn’t about the law. It isn’t about people coming after her with pitchforks or even being angry at her. It’s about the faith she downgraded to being less worthy than an emmy trophy not letting her comment pass through the nation without sharing another point of view. They’re simply using their freedom of speech to share their message.

Second, people will complain about the cost of running the ad in a national magazine whereas the money could have been spent for “humanitarian” purposes. If The Miracle Theater could have made such a national proclamation as quickly for less money, I guarantee they would have! In order to get the Christian message out as quickly as possible, they chose the USA Today…at a price. This has stirred such conversation, though, that if one single person is brought to the salvation that The Miracle Theater shares, then it was worth it. Why? Because that’s priceless to Christians.

The Miracle Theater received numerous comments from Christians wanting to join the cause and stand up for their belief. In response to this, they have created a petition in which people can sign online.

10 thoughts on “Miracle Theater Responds to Kathy Griffin”

  1. YEAH!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME CHRISTIANS ARE BOLD ENOUGH TO SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID…I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THIS SHOW THIS WEEKEND…THAT WAS A WONDERFUL READ…most of the time, Christians kinda let “stars” say what they want to say…I am so proud of the wording of that statement…ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL…

  2. It’s so rare to see this sort of statement without any hint of “she shouldn’t be allowed to do that. Making fun of Christians should be illegal”. I’m watching Kathy on TV now, and googled to read the text of your ad…and I’m impressed.

    I was expecting to laugh at you, but you’re classy people and this was well-said. So many “believers” of all types, seem to think freedom of speech should apply to everyone; except their opponents who are obviously abusing the right.

    I may not agree with your religious beliefs, but you’re my kind of Americans.

  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST),

    There certainly will come a time when Griffin will regret her insanity. I hope that she has the scrupples to weep and repent for her utter madness. I rebuke her in the ALL POWERFUL NAME OF YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. And she will one day have to bow down to HIM whether she agrees to or not.

    with much love and hope in YAHUSHUA, David

  4. Our Lord sits at the right hand of the Father, in his rightful place and i love him.


  5. I Love you Kathy Griffin. I live in Pigeon Forge and believe that Miracle Theater could have spent the money on the county instead of feeling to backlash. You don’t see all the Wiccans and Atheists and Buddhists taking out full page ads when rappers thank “God” and denouce their religion. They were just looking for publicity. The show sucks anyway. Furthermore to even be considered to work there you have to sign a code of ethics (which is retarded) because no one even lives up to them. Whatever. Get over it!

  6. That was the funniest speech I have ever heard. If you are so christian would you tell me why scientists have recorded the earth age as 4.5 billion years old, and the bible says it is 6,000 years old. Because I am just sooooooooo confused. You guys make me laugh.

  7. Looking at that picture in the ad, I’m guessing at least 30% of those dudes are gay.

  8. Went to see Miracle and had to walk out after 40 minutes. Truly, truly sucked. My wife was mad that we wasted $80. I think Griffin is hilarious.

  9. I would like to say thanks to Miracle Theater for standing up for what they belive in. I am also thankful that they require their employess to adhere to “code of conduct”. So many places these day will hire just anyone, without caring what they represent or how they do it.

  10. Actually, Kathy Griffin was making fun of the people who accept awards and thank Jesus for it. Her point being: what about the ones who didn’t win an award? Does Jesus love them less? Or did they just pray harder to win? That’s what she meant.

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