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The Alamo Steakhouse is one of many places to eat in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. The Pigeon Forge Insider shares a review and tips about the food and prices as well as how to save money with discounts and coupons.

Alamo Steakhouse in Pigeon ForgeWhat They Say:

The greatest restaurant in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Serving appetizers, soups, sandwiches, prime Black Angus steaks, chicken , chops, seafood and more with a special Children’s Menu all in The Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, TN.

The Alamo Steakhouse Restaurant in the Smokies is the perfect dinner setting, for anything from an intimate dinner for two to a big family dinner, including private seating to accommodate reunions, wedding parties, anniversary celebrations and more. Our restaurant booths are tucked away to assure privacy, and our dining areas provide ample room for all to enjoy. The atmosphere is perfect for all ages and our large dining room is suitable for groups up to 50.

What the Insider Says:

The Alamo Steakhouse in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee claims to be “The greatest restaurant in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee,” but I have to disagree. It’s good and the atmosphere is a neat southwestern setting, but the prices outweigh the quality of the food. They serve steak, chicken, seafood, salads, and even some great-tasting hamburgers. It’s among one of the better places to eat in Pigeon Forge, TN… just be sure you’re ready to fork over around $18 for a salad, entree, and one side at dinner.

Insider Tips:

  • Go at lunchtime. The entrees cost about half as much and you still get a decent portion.
  • Go steak or burger. The steaks and burgers don’t get much better than this in town.
  • Check out their most recent coupons.

All in all the food is great. I wouldn’t spend their dinner prices on any of it, but I would definitely suggest the Alamo Steakhouse for lunch.





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Pigeon Forge, TN
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13 thoughts on “Alamo Steakhouse”

  1. I have to agree with you……..having been born in Pigeon Forge a long time ago, the Alamo is not what it is stacked up to be. We paid @ $70 for an anniversary meal that tasted as if it had been prepared at Ryan’s LOL. If you want a good steak in the Forge, go to SageBrush ;)

  2. I have also been to the Alamo and was not pleased. The prices were too high and the taste and service were bad. I’d rather eat at Calhoun’s or Damon’s

  3. I must disagree with previous postings. We have eaten there 2-3 times. We raise beef cattle in KY so we know beef. A cousin and his wife tried the Alamo at our recommendation and was well please also. I had the Filet Mignon
    and it was the best steak (at a restaurant) I have eaten. I agree it’s expensive, but it’s great!

  4. I have to disagree with previous post also. My husband & I was on vacation in April last year. We ate there. We had the prime rib, with all the extras plus dessert. It cost us about $80 but the food was delicious and well worth it. The wait staff was awesome too. We are going back in June and we will definitely be eating there again.

  5. On August 30 2009, my family and I visited your restaurant in pigeon forge tennessee. This was our first time there, we were on vacation from Danville VA, and I have to say we had a good time! Our server was great, the steaks were excellent, even though we found the menu expensive you really do get your money’s worth! Overall it was a good experience! Keep up the good work.

  6. We were on our honeymoon the week of new years 2009 and we were staying in Gatlinburg and noticed the ads for Alamo steakhouse their oak grilled Angus steaks and they bragged about being the best steak house in the smokies.This is clearly not true!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe they should advertise we are the highest price with quality that would meet the standards of any buffet steakhouse.
    The steaks were fatty not prepared to our liking and the asparagus was so hard, cold and tasteless and the hollandaise sauce was lumpy and old, my baked potato was not fully cooked. I ordered mushrooms for my side and got onions and mushrooms with more onions than mushrooms.After dinner we paid 80.00 for this disgusting meal and I decided that I should inform the management.The manager stated he was sorry and would like to make this right.He took our receipt and left for about five minutes upon his return he handed me 5 dollars for the asparagus with hollandaise sauce side item. I was so happy that he didn’t return our 80.00 for our meal they need to pay for their false advertising somehow!So if you do decide to eat at this restaurant be warned, and maybe choose somewhere else for your steak. We recommend that the management at this restaurant visit the Frontier steakhouse located in Tampa Florida to taste how a real Angus Steak should be. Our recommendation is to save your hunger and money and go to breakfast at the Log Cabin Pancake House,AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Emil Gumieny,

    Everyone knows that if you have a problem with your meal at a restaurant, you bring it to the attention of your server. If the problem doesn’t get resolved to your satisfaction between the server and the kitchen, then ask to speak to the manager. You do not wait until you’re settling the check to bring up a problem and then just expect the expensive meal you’ve already somehow managed to eat without complaint, to get comped.

    I have not eaten at Alamo yet, but I would not be swayed against it by your review. Just going by how you handled things at the restaurant, and then jumped on-line to smear them, tells me more about you than the restaurant. You sound like somebody looking for a free meal!

  8. I ate at Alamo while on vacation and was not pleased. My steak was extremely overcooked, so I sent it back. It came back so underdone that it wasn’t edible. The waiter was rude to me, but it was probably because he was overworked, having to bus tables as well as make salads, in addition to waiting tables. The manager did subtract two steaks from the bill, as she said they had tried twice and were unable to correctly cook the steak. I received no apology from the manager or the waiter. A family member who was dining with me ordered chicken, and reported that it was dry. I will not return.

  9. My husband and I had eaten at this restaurant 3 times. Well the first two times things were very good! Both times we had wonderful waiters. The 3rd visit we were not so fortunate. We had a waiter named Eric. First of all he did not ask if we had been there before. When our food came I asked for some steak sauce. You would had thought I had shot him in the heart or something. He smirked and said you need to taste your steak first before putting steak sauce on it. He asked again what we needed and my husband being put off already said “STEAK sauce and more rolls”.. he apparently got his feelings hurt and was a terrible waiter after that. The steaks were good but the service stunk. If you go to the restaurant and get a fella named ERIC (Older gentleman with a limp) I suggest you switch sections.

  10. Im in the restaraunt bizz and it discust me to see all these negative reviews about waiters adn waitresses, automatic gratuity, and bad experiences. Most of these YAHOOS probably have never been in the bizz before and shame on you. You all suck and is the reason you probably get bad service!!!!!!!

  11. I have to say this place is extremely overpriced, the food does not warrant the cost. If you like for a waiter to reach in front of you and your family repeatedly leaning in so his gut is in your face while you are trying to eat the worlds most expensive meal then ask for Eric. Rude!

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