When you work in and around Pigeon Forge, you develop those places that you go to over and over, those ‘go to’ restaurants that you can always say:  “Hey, let’s go there!’ and everybody agrees.  Calhoun’s in Pigeon Forge is one suck place.

Calhoun’s is an East Tennessee tradition.  With locations all over Knoxville, one in Gatlinburg and one in Pigeon Forge, there is almost always a Calhoun’s nearby to make sure you have a full and satisfying meal.  In Pigeon Forge, Calhoun’s is locate din the Walden’s Landing shopping complex.  If you are driving through town, headed toward Gatlinburg, you will see Walden’s Landing on the right hand side of the road between traffic lights 2 and 3, but much closer to 3.  As you are facing Walden’s Landing, you will see Calhoun’s on the left hand side.  Park the car and head inside.  This is a large restaurant, so depending on when you go will determine whether you will have a long wait, but I would bet, that at night you will have a little bit of a wait.

Calhoun’s is one of those restaurants where the starter and the dessert are almost always a must.  One of my favorite appetizers is their Fresh Baked Soft pretzels and Beer Cheese.  The pretzels come out piping hot, soft and tender with salt baked right on.  They are served with a side of beer cheese.  This is almost like a fondue cheese and has just the right amount of bite, that a good cheese sauce should have.  And for dessert, you will want to save room for their Banana Pudding.  Just like mom used to make, this banana pudding is old school.  Rich, creamy, full of flavor and fresh bananas, nothing in this banana pudding comes from a box.  It is cooked to perfection.

And, if you are looking for an entree, check out their salads.  These are a little less caloric then some of the other dishes on the menu but no less tasty.  Their Southern Salad is a chef salad with strips of fried chicken across the top and their Smokehouse Salad is to die for.  The Smokehouse is covered with chicken, ham and bacon making this a meat-lovers dream.  Imagine a salad with all of the best meats you plan to find at a restaurant right on top of the salad itself.

But, if you are looking for one of the best steaks in town: the “Ale” Steak is out of this world.  Marinated in Cherokee Red Ale from the Smoky Mountain Brewery, this is one of the most tender steaks you will ever encounter.  When paired with the perfect sides, Spinach Maria and Tennessee Corn Pudding, you have a meal that you will remember each and every time you come back to the Smokies.

Add Calhoun’s to your itinerary  the next time you are in Pigeon Forge.  Stop by and try one of their wonderful salads or a great steak but be sure you start with the soft pretzels and beer cheese and end up with a bowl of banana pudding, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse

A local’s review of the Kinkaku Japanese Steak House restaurant in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. If you like Japanese food, you have to go here! Included in the review is information on how to save a lot of money on your meal.

Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse OutsideWhat The Pigeon Forge Insider Says:
If you love Japanese food, then you are in for a treat in Pigeon Forge, TN. Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse opened up this spring in 2006 as the only Japanese Restaurant in Pigeon Forge. I have to admit that I love Japanese food and have been to quite a few. My immediate reaction was to how clean the restaurant is. It is very open and easy to see all of the teppanyaki chefs making meals at all of the tables. We had a very entertaining chef whose cooking was just as great as his personality. An entree comes with salad with ginger or ranch dressing, soup, fried rice, and vegetables. I chose chicken and shrimp for my meats (you can also just get a vegetarian plate, but that’s not as fun!) and they were absolutely delicious. They were full of flavor and so juicy and tender. Kinkaku Japanese Steak House ranks at the top of my list of favorite Japanese restaurants. To be located within walking distance of my house could be trouble for me! If you’re in Pigeon Forge, TN and love an entertaining and delicious meal then head to Kinkaku! They are open 7 days a week for lunch as well as dinner.
Kinkaku Japanese Steak House ChefKinkaku Japanese Steak House Inside


Most of the dinner entrees are in the $15 – $20 range.

Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse
(865) 774- 7598
3152 Parkway Suite 1, Pigeon Forge, TN

Smoky Mountain Brewery & Restaurant

The Smoky Mountain Brewery in Pigeon Forge, TN has the best burgers in Pigeon Forge TN as well as other great food and brew. It is definitely among the best places to eat in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Smoky Mountain BreweryThe Smoky Mountain Brewery is located in the Walden’s Landing shopping center just past The Inn at Christmas Place on the north end of Pigeon Forge. If you’re a fan of sports, beer, burgers, or chicken fingers then this is your place. I love sports and I somehow manage to talk family or friends into going her for lunch on Saturdays in the fall since they have about 20 televisions with just about every game and/or sport on! Ladies, you might not want to take your man here if you “need to talk”.

This place has become locally known for “half price burgers” on Wednesday. I may have just killed it by making that little-known fact public, but their burgers are simply among the best in Pigeon Forge. The fries are just as tasty too! If you’re on a diet and have a “cheat day” then this is a great way to spend it. They also have a good selection of fresh, home-brewed beer (since it’s a brewery and all). If you’re in the mood for some ole hops and barley, they have various brews to choose from light to dark…whatever your taste, they’re sure to have something to whet your whistle…they also have great sweet tea if beer isn’t your thing.

2530 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 868-1400
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Alamo Steakhouse

The Alamo Steakhouse is one of many places to eat in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. The Pigeon Forge Insider shares a review and tips about the food and prices as well as how to save money with discounts and coupons.

Alamo Steakhouse in Pigeon ForgeWhat They Say:

The greatest restaurant in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Serving appetizers, soups, sandwiches, prime Black Angus steaks, chicken , chops, seafood and more with a special Children’s Menu all in The Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, TN.

The Alamo Steakhouse Restaurant in the Smokies is the perfect dinner setting, for anything from an intimate dinner for two to a big family dinner, including private seating to accommodate reunions, wedding parties, anniversary celebrations and more. Our restaurant booths are tucked away to assure privacy, and our dining areas provide ample room for all to enjoy. The atmosphere is perfect for all ages and our large dining room is suitable for groups up to 50.

What the Insider Says:

The Alamo Steakhouse in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee claims to be “The greatest restaurant in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee,” but I have to disagree. It’s good and the atmosphere is a neat southwestern setting, but the prices outweigh the quality of the food. They serve steak, chicken, seafood, salads, and even some great-tasting hamburgers. It’s among one of the better places to eat in Pigeon Forge, TN… just be sure you’re ready to fork over around $18 for a salad, entree, and one side at dinner.

Insider Tips:

  • Go at lunchtime. The entrees cost about half as much and you still get a decent portion.
  • Go steak or burger. The steaks and burgers don’t get much better than this in town.
  • Check out their most recent coupons.

All in all the food is great. I wouldn’t spend their dinner prices on any of it, but I would definitely suggest the Alamo Steakhouse for lunch.





3050 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN
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