Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse

A local’s review of the Kinkaku Japanese Steak House restaurant in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. If you like Japanese food, you have to go here! Included in the review is information on how to save a lot of money on your meal.

Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse OutsideWhat The Pigeon Forge Insider Says:
If you love Japanese food, then you are in for a treat in Pigeon Forge, TN. Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse opened up this spring in 2006 as the only Japanese Restaurant in Pigeon Forge. I have to admit that I love Japanese food and have been to quite a few. My immediate reaction was to how clean the restaurant is. It is very open and easy to see all of the teppanyaki chefs making meals at all of the tables. We had a very entertaining chef whose cooking was just as great as his personality. An entree comes with salad with ginger or ranch dressing, soup, fried rice, and vegetables. I chose chicken and shrimp for my meats (you can also just get a vegetarian plate, but that’s not as fun!) and they were absolutely delicious. They were full of flavor and so juicy and tender. Kinkaku Japanese Steak House ranks at the top of my list of favorite Japanese restaurants. To be located within walking distance of my house could be trouble for me! If you’re in Pigeon Forge, TN and love an entertaining and delicious meal then head to Kinkaku! They are open 7 days a week for lunch as well as dinner.
Kinkaku Japanese Steak House ChefKinkaku Japanese Steak House Inside


Most of the dinner entrees are in the $15 – $20 range.

Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse
(865) 774- 7598
3152 Parkway Suite 1, Pigeon Forge, TN

6 thoughts on “Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse”

  1. My husband and I ate here on our Anniversary.The food was amazing and the show was more than I expected.Wonderful place to eat and very entertaining.

  2. They have some amazing sushi as well. As a matter of fact, sushi is the only thing that we have ever eaten there. Will be coming back in Feb ’10 and we plan to stop by again!

  3. The food is wonderful, but I can’t get over the cost that is ran up by the tip of 18%. We had 3 and it cost us 83.00 to eat because they automatically tally in 18% for 5 people. We were there (me, my husband and 15yr old daughter and our 2 nieces had their on ticket which was automatically tallied with 18% tip. Their bill was @$36.00 and they (the nieces – 17 yrs, and 18 years old) only ate the chicken. Me and my daughter did order the filgon and shrimp which is expensive but dang…………because of the tip, it was TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive. I always thought that you had to have six or eight in your party to be charged with the automatic tip……….I Don’t Know….
    The food was good, tho.

  4. I was in that restaurant today and i am so much disappointed…One of the cooks punched this girl who works as a server front of everybody and i am so disappointed because the mannager who is the owner of the restaurant didn’t do anything and i am sure that that cook still works there.In my opinon it is dangerous to sit front of someone who is able to punch a girl.Shame on you…..I’ll never go there again…

  5. the food wasn’t too bad if you think sushi is composed of 98% rice. They had this “all you can eat sushi” and rice was too thick which fills you up quickly. Also the server didn’t even know anything about sushi. You would think she should know what she’s serving to her customers. She gave my sushi to someone else and i had to wait forever for it. I will never go back to that place. Oh I forgot one more thing.. they won’t even take their own coupons!!!

  6. will never come back here. $15 for all u can eat and they stop at 3 rolls and $12 for chicken when its$6.95 b/c they sit u in the wrong place.there is nothing u can do but pay. they waited till my ask for and box when they told us. wroung way to do custumers. watch where u sit and you order

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